A delicious all-in tour of the menu from the Still at the Mirage

Rewriting the script on the typical sports bar, the Still in the Mirage recently opened with a surprising design element at its centerpiece — a refurbished Airstream trailer-turned-kitchen named Bud’s Bud, which churns out delicious dishes daily.

Around the room find 22 televisions, as well as a bar loaded with more than 50 craft and draught beers. Cocktail time kicks off a visit to the Still. The whiskey-forward menu captures the range of the popular spirit, expertly pairing it with the sweet, salty and spicy foods it complements so well. Or if you are looking for something different, try a hop-tail, which blends a cool brew or cider with tequila or whiskey.

Cracking open the menu filled with favorites and a few surprises, you’ll want to sample everything. True, Vegas has gained quite the reputation for its fine dining restaurants, but the Still proves that there really is nothing as satisfying as comfort food done right.

Here’s a strategy for making it through all 16 items on the menu, with help from a few of your friends.

Start with the munchies. The appetizer section is intercontinental, drawing influence from Mexican, Asian and British bites. The shrimp and avocado cocktail is done in a ceviche style with heavy citrus notes and served with chips and salsa. It’s juxtaposed perfectly with the sweet and tangy barbecue chicken quesadilla. The Asian chicken salad cools the palate from the super-spicy crispy Korean chicken wings.

Moving on to the tacos and rolls section, order a taste of true Americana with mini-cheeseburgers and a massive chili cheese dog that serves four. The lobster roll is tucked into a billowy, buttery carb blanket. It’s so hard to choose between the chicken, steak and fish tacos, that it’s really better to just have all three. And throwing the ultimate curve ball, filet mignon steak tips are caramelized in a roasted garlic and Sriracha butter sauce.

Finish off this all-in extravaganza with a soft serve ice cream sundae in a whimsical baseball-cap cup, just like the kind you got from the ballpark when you were a kid. They come in three flavors: salted caramel, churro de leche and s’mores.

The vibe at the Still invites you to kick back, relax and chill like you would in your own living room. And since baseball is nine innings, there’s plenty of time for a second round.


— By Melinda Sheckells, LA Times Content Solutions

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