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Vegas shows that will make you blush

Vegas shows that will make you blush
Dressed as firemen, cowboys and just about every other tear-away outfit you can think of, the bronzed hunks of Thunder from Down Under showcase their Southern-Hemisphere sex appeal nightly at the Excalibur. (Photo by Laura Lefkowitz)

Calling all libidinous ladies and gentlemen: If it's a sexy show you're after, you've come to the right place. They don't call it Sin City for nothing. From hard-body hunks to voluptuous vixens, Vegas has a lineup of pelvic-thrusting, skin-revealing and ready-to-ravish-you revues, just waiting to be had. All you need is a ticket and to know what's playing.

Crazy Girls


Showcasing seven beautiful women wearing barely-there G-strings, it's no wonder that "Crazy Girls" at the Riviera is celebrating 27 years on the Las Vegas Strip. With racy costumes, steamy dance routines and a touch of comedy, this topless revue has everything you need for a naughty night out on the town. If leggy blondes are you're thing, this show is known for featuring dances with primarily that look. More recently, the iconic show has been updated with modern music and routines all focused on showcasing sexy women wearing very little more than a G-string for most of the show.



"Absinthe" at Caesars Palace is as delightfully intoxicating as the drink. But this green fairy will shove your face in her chest if you happen to snag a spot in her favorite seat up front. Even if you don't, her sultry burlesque routine will have you squirming in your seat and begging for more. The show also features an eccentric cast of incredible circus performers who tantalize the audience with a mix of thrilling and sensual routines. Between acts, the show's host, The Gazillionaire, and his kooky assistant, Penny, keep the crowd going with their outrageously-funny and R-rated humor.


Does a doctor with a protruding stethoscope or a burly construction worker with an over-sized hammer sound like your idea of the perfect male fantasy? Then head to "Chippendales" at Rio where sculpted abs, a perfect tan and an aptitude for hip shaking are the standard. Known for their signature look (a bowtie, wrist cuffs and jeans), the men of "Chippendales" know how to move and flaunt their finest assets in a series of choreographed routines designed to make those in the audience go wild -- and they do. Billed as "The Ultimate Girls Night Out," this show doesn't disappoint.



Blondes, redhead and brunettes, "X-Burlesque" at the Flamingo features a knockout troupe of six talented female dancers who whip the audience into a tantalizing frenzy with their provocative choreography, sexy costumes and playful props. Set in an intimate 180-seat theater, this topless revue gives the audience an up-close view of the dancers. Dressed in black satin and lace to tassels and a G-string, the X-Girls bring just about every fantasy to life as they perform a string of sultry routines set to music from some of the hottest artists of today. Between acts, the show features a comedian who gives the audience a chance to cool down before the next steamy routine takes the stage.


From playful lust to intense passion, Cirque du Soleil's "Zumanity" at New York - New York takes audiences on a tantalizing journey through different themes of sexuality. The show features a colorful cast of incredible and often topless female and male dancers, aerialists, acrobats and gymnasts who perform a series of beautiful and sensual vignettes complete with Cirque's extravagant production elements. The acts are awe-inspiring and mysterious and inspire the audience to think about their own sexual fantasies and desires. There's also an element of comedy in the show brought on by the show's host and a kooky husband and wife team who discuss the secrets to a good sexual relationship. "Zumanity" is a fun show to see with a significant other and will give you plenty to "talk" about long after you've left the showroom.

Thunder from Down Under

There's a storm brewing, and you'll want to leave your umbrellas at home. Dressed as firemen, cowboys and just about every other tear-away outfit you can think of, the bronzed hunks of "Thunder from Down Under" showcase their Southern-Hemisphere sex appeal nightly at the Excalibur. They perform on stage, your table and in the audience giving the crowd an up-close view of their chiseled bodies and what's left of their clothes. Both fun and sexy, their choreographed routines garner plenty of excitement from the crowd, and that's before they start talking. As the name indicates, all of the dancers are from Australia. If you're a sucker for a man with an accent, this show won't disappoint.


Dripping with Swarovski crystals, these statuesque and topless showgirls take sex appeal to new heights in at Bally's. With extravagant production elements and glamorous costumes, there's a reason why "Jubilee" is the longest-running show on the Las Vegas Strip. It's the only place where you'll get to see the iconic Vegas showgirl, known world-wide as a symbol for Sin City. The show takes audiences through different extravagant scenes, some historical, that each showcase the dancers in a more decadent yet revealing costume. In 2014, "Jubilee" was updated to incorporate more modern elements, but the focus is still on the classic feminine beauty and glamour that have made this show a Vegas staple since it opened in 1981.

-From Caroline Fontein, Vegas.NINJA