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Michael Hiltzik Columnist
Obamacare premiums are spiking 25% next year. How bad is that?

You can almost set your watch by it: Every year, when new premium rates for the Affordable Care Act exchange plans are published by the government, critics proclaim that the law has failed Americans by failing to rein in prices.

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Wells Fargo's new PR offensive promises customers much, but offers them little

Wells Fargo, staggered by a scandal tied to bogus consumer accounts and allegations of identity theft, is responding like most big companies with a sullied reputation: with an ad campaign promising to “make things right” for its alleged victims, without being too specific about how.

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Dear Harvard prof: Your $2,500 ticket for 'Hamilton' doesn't mean price-gouging is a good thing

Harvard economics professor N. Gregory Mankiw can be depended on to speak up for free-market principles, especially when they operate to the advantage of the privileged class. His works in the popular press have included columns defending the 1% as exceptional individuals collecting their “just deserts” and advocating the repeal of the estate tax, which he says is unfair to the rich.

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The AT&T-Time Warner deal would be a disaster for the public interest

Apparently we’re supposed to sympathize with the giant conglomerates AT&T and Time Warner. They’re so beleaguered by changes in their core businesses that their only path to survival, so they say, is a merger valued at $85.4 billion that will keep their fleeing customers corralled.

Consumer advocates aren’t buying this.

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Trump asks to exclude his comments about the Trump University judge from the Trump University trial

We may need a new definition of “chutzpah.”

Donald Trump targeted federal Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel in an an extended series of bigoted rants this summer, asserting that Curiel couldn’t rule fairly in cases alleging fraud by Trump University because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

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Facebook won't dump billionaire Peter Thiel from its board because it cares about 'diversity'

Mark Zuckerberg, the undisputed monarch of Facebook, took to his own website the other day to mount an impassioned defense of one of his handpicked board members, Peter Thiel.

“We care deeply about diversity,” Zuckerberg wrote. “That’s easy to say when it means standing up for ideas you agree with.

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