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Mylan will help more patients pay for its EpiPen. Here's why that's bad news for healthcare

Mylan, the profiteering, tax-dodging drug company currently taking immense heat for jacking up the price of its Epipen by 500%, announced Thursday that it will help more patients cover their soaring out-of-pocket costs for the allergy drug device.

That’s good for some individual patients and families.

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Another reason to hate Mylan, which jacked up the price of life-saving EpiPens: It's a tax dodger

The pharmaceutical company Mylan has been taking on a boatload of vituperation — and rightfully so — for a 500% hike in the price of its lifesaving EpiPen injector, which reverses allergic reactions.

But there’s another reason to detest this remarkably amoral corporation: It’s also a tax dodger. Mylan is one of the leading exploiters of the technique known as inversion, in which a U.S.

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Here are the lies about Social Security in Donald Trump's new nationwide ad

The Trump Presidential campaign rolled out its first major television ad last week, aimed at voters in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. For Social Security experts and advocates, it wasn’t worth waiting for.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America, the system stays rigged against Americans,” the ad declares.

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Here's how a President Clinton could force down drug prices by executive action

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton brought down the hammer on drug makers last week, promising to “take on” drug companies that charge Americans the highest prices in the world for drugs developed in part with government funds.

“Your tax dollars helped support the research that is used to create those drugs in the first place,” she told an audience in Cleveland on Aug. 17.

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These Louisiana politicians are demanding flood aid, but voted against Sandy relief

Call it logrolling or one hand washing the other, a generally recognized fact in Washington is that if you want something for your district, it pays to agree to the same thing for another guy’s district.

That point may have been lost on three Louisiana congressmen when they voted against a $50.5-billion relief package for the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

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The Supreme Court's awful Hobby Lobby decision just spawned a very ugly stepchild

“The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield.”

That’s how Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg concluded her dissent to the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision.

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