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Photographer sues Getty Images for $1 billion after she's billed for her own photo

Carol Highsmith is a distinguished photographer who has traveled all over America, aiming to chronicle for posterity the life of the nation in the early 21st century. She’s donating her work to the public via the Library of Congress, which has called her act “one of the greatest acts of generosity in the history of the Library.” The Carol M.

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California's cap-and-trade program has cut pollution. So why do critics keep calling it a failure?

After cruising along for more than two years, California’s vaunted cap-and-trade program to cut carbon emissions has run into a few recent snags.

A state appeals court has signaled that it has doubts about how officials are spending billions in revenue from the  program — or even if they have the right to collect the money at all.

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Watch as four giant oil companies try to interfere with a California election

The oil and gas industry has never been shy about deploying its billions of dollars in resources to get what it wants from the political system. But seldom are its activities as flagrant as they are in a California legislative battle pitting two Democrats against each other.

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The truth about healthcare premiums: They'd be a lot higher without Obamacare

We’ve just entered the “sticker shock” season of healthcare reporting: News stories are brimming with reports of double-digit premium requests from insurance companies, amid dire warnings about the impact on consumers.

Public health expert Benjamin Sommers of Harvard calls this “a new U.S.

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Court says Obamacare birth control option may violate Catholics' rights, even if they don't use it

The Affordable Care Act continues to provide an opportunity for religious zealots to complain that someone, somewhere, might be doing something of which they disapprove. Another such case advancing through the courts is that of Missouri State Rep.

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Who owns the Crazy Horse strip club trademark? A federal court holds its nose and weighs in.

Trademark disputes typically make for yawn-inducing prose, but not when they involve a nationwide battle over strip clubs. 

More precisely, a nationwide battle over the name of strip clubs.

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