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A dire threat to public employees from the Supreme Court

To all those who detected a shift toward progressive thinking in the Supreme Court's rulings last week protecting the Affordable Care Act and legalizing gay marriage: You should stop celebrating now.

That's because the court has taken up a case that poses a mortal threat to the cause of collective bargaining for public employees, amid signals that a conservative majority is poised to fire the lethal...

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Greece, the Euro, and the banks: how a small crisis became a big one

It shouldn't escape anyone's notice that while discussions of the Greek crisis employ the vocabulary of economics--debt, default and deficits are the defining terms--the real concerns expressed by those closest to the unfolding disaster are political.

In purely economic terms, a Greek default or exit from the Eurozone would be almost a nonevent for the rest of Europe or the world: With an estimated...

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Are we really turning into a nation of Uber drivers? Not yet.

The latest article of faith in pop economics is that we're becoming a nation of freelance workers. Going by many names -- the "1099 economy," the "gig economy," the "sharing economy" -- the phenomenon is also the topic of disagreement over whether it's good or bad.

Its fans say it has given workers unprecedented control over their time, income, and destiny; its detractors that it has opened new avenues...

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What the New Yorker magazine misses about the Uber protests

The veteran tech analyst, writer and entrepreneur Om Malik weighed in last week for the New Yorker magazine with some thoughts about Uber, the ride-summoning service that is one of the most destructive of paradigm-destroying new companies in existence. 

In his post, which was published online Friday, Malik links ongoing protests against Uber--which include demonstrations by taxi drivers in Paris and...

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In battling racist policies, taking down the Confederate flag is barely a first step

The power of a symbol should never be underestimated, but it shouldn't be overestimated either. That's the case with the Confederate battle flag, which is coming down from public venues all across the South and off retailers' shelves across the nation.

Politicians who have reversed themselves after years of fighting against the flag's removal or treating its presence with indifference are being praised...

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With one ruling, Supreme Court saves Obamacare, the GOP and itself

With its 6-3 decision Thursday upholding the Affordable Care Act's federal subsidies for health insurance buyers in all 50 states, the U.S. Supreme Court wrote an end to the discreditable effort by anti-Obamacare partisans to undermine the law via the lawsuit King vs. Burwell.

Constitutional law experts generally regarded the King challenge as a fatuous and specious misreading of the law and a tortured...

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