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Are my $350 high-tech headphones spying on my personal secrets? This lawsuit says yes

I am the proud owner of a pair of $350 Bose QC 35 noise-canceling headphones, and I confess I love them. They sound great, and they’re very comfortable.

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How Trump and the GOP are plotting to give big health insurers exactly what they want

The nation’s biggest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, had a pretty good quarter, judging from the preening by its executives during a conference call with Wall Street analysts this week.

The company turned a profit of $2.2 billion on revenue of $48.7 billion for the quarter ended March 30.

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This lawsuit to force lead paint makers to clean up California homes has been in court for 17 years

No one is willing to swear that the lawsuit by 10 California cities and counties against three lead paint manufacturers is the longest-running litigation in the state courts.

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The Bill O'Reilly case shows how much Fox News and UC Berkeley have (horrors!) in common

The lesson likely to be widely drawn from the eviction of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, announced Wednesday, is that even the biggest of big shots can’t evade their comeuppance forever. Put simply, “what goes around comes around.”

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Lawsuit against stem cell clinic Stemgenex can move forward, judge rules

A San Diego federal judge on Tuesday cleared a lawsuit against a La Jolla clinic purporting to offer stem cell treatments for various diseases to move toward trial on fraud and misrepresentation claims.

Judge Antony J.

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Republicans base their new Obamacare repeal on a Maine program they call a success. Don't believe them

When our hard-working members of Congress return to work next week refreshed from their 18-day Easter recess, they’re planning to take up healthcare reform again.

This time, their Affordable Care Act repeal effort has been dressed up with a new provision known as “invisible risk sharing,” based on what they assert was a successful program in Maine.

They’re blowing smoke.

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