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A $200-million donation threatens to tar UC Irvine's medical school as a haven for quacks

Consider the following fundamental principles: First, billionaires should be allowed to donate their money however they wish, short of financing criminal enterprises. Second, it’s almost impossible for a university to turn down a nine-figure donation.

That brings us to the announcement on Sept. 18 of a $200-million gift by Henry and Susan Samueli to UC Irvine.

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As dismay with GOP's Obamacare repeal rises, the question becomes: Why are they doing this?

The reviews keep pouring in for the Senate Republicans’ latest (and presumably final) attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and they’re uniformly foul.

The newest entries came from the National Assn. of Medicaid Directors and from Nevada’s Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval.

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The lesson from that KB Home CEO's rant about Kathy Griffin: You can get away with being a spectacularly bad neighbor if you're the boss

A couple of conclusions are brought to mind by the recording of an obscene rant directed by KB Home Chief Executive Jeffrey Mezger at his Bel-Air neighbors, comedian Kathy Griffin and her boyfriend, Randy Bick: You might not want to have Griffin and Bick as your neighbors. And you probably don’t want to have Mezger as your neighbor, either.

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The disastrous impact of the GOP's Obamacare repeal plan, in three devastating charts

The healthcare consulting firm Avalere on Wednesday released the latest in a series of independent analyses of Senate Republicans’ new effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The findings are beyond ugly. They show devastating cuts in healthcare funding for adults, children and the disabled — in effect, almost every population category in the U.S. other than seniors enrolled in Medicare.

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Sen. Cassidy's Obamacare repeal bill gets blasted by the health secretary of his home state

Senate Republicans are preparing to vote on their last-gasp Affordable Care Act repeal bill without estimates from the Congressional Budget Office of its effects on the deficit, health insurance coverage, or premiums. So someone else has to step in to inform the senators of the measure’s grim consequences.

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LifeLock offers to protect you from the Equifax breach — by selling you services provided by Equifax

The ID theft protection firm LifeLock is certainly one of the big winners from the big data breach suffered by Equifax, which exposed the personal information of 143 million Americans to hackers.

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