Michael Hiltzik

Michael Hiltzik Columnist
Donald Trump's executive order on Obamacare will cripple the health insurance market

The day after the election I wrote that Republicans would find it hard to repeal Obamacare — but not so hard to vandalize it. 

In his first official action after being sworn in as president, Donald Trump applied the first smear of graffiti to a law that today brings health coverage to more than 20 million Americans.

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Paul Ryan continues his assault on Obamacare and Medicare — this time on the 'Charlie Rose' show

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) seems to be constitutionally unable to avoid making misstatements about the Affordable Care Act or Medicare, two programs he has the knives out for.

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A new boss ponders the past and future of the fabled Xerox PARC

Few executives have moved into new jobs as freighted with history as Tolga Kurtoglu. When he became chief executive of Xerox PARC on Jan. 10, he inherited the legacy of one of Silicon Valley’s most revered institutions. 

The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is the birthplace of personal computing, the graphical user interface, the Ethernet, the laser printer, and key elements of what became the Internet.

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Cisco loses a round on forcing an employee into arbitration

Big companies love to force their legal adversaries into arbitration, especially when those adversaries are employees, customers or others without money or power, and therefore are at a disadvantage. Judges usually love arbitration too because it relieves them of the chore of overseeing routine docket-clogging lawsuits.

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As a space exploration target, why does Venus get no love?

A whole generation of space scientists are mourning what may be the lost opportunity of a lifetime: Earlier this month, when NASA compiled its roster of planetary probes to be launched over the next six years, Venus was left off the list — again.

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Donald Trump, Rand Paul and the myth of a cheap Obamacare replacement

News on the Obamacare-replacement front was dominated this past weekend by Donald Trump and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who both touted their Obamacare replacement plans.

To be absolutely precise, they touted the claim that they had Obamacare replacement plans. They didn’t go into any great detail about what would be in those plans.

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