Boeing contract underscores decline of union clout

A Seattle-area union's close vote to cede benefits to keep production of a Boeing jet in the area underscores the waning clout of unions.

Corporations lead taxpayers to the shearing

Boeing is likely to be this year's trendsetter in corporate extortion. It's seeking big incentives from states for its 777X airliner.

Machinists union local set to vote on Boeing contract

A rejected contract offer could prompt Boeing to take its 777X project out of Washington state and possibly move it to Long Beach.

California will seek to host Boeing 777X jet program

Gov. Jerry Brown plans to submit a proposal to build the Boeing twin-aisle jet in California.

Boeing families in Seattle area feel spurned over 777X project

Boeing's threat to build the 777X elsewhere unless a union OKs concessions feels like blackmail to some Seattle-area families.

Long Beach seeks Boeing 777X

Boeing's Long Beach plant is again in the running to build the aerospace giant's new jetliner.