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Scary thought: Trump now gets to pick the country's top consumer watchdog

After this week naming a former drug industry executive to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, President Trump now will be able to appoint his own pick to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Maybe someone from the payday lending business?

How about the former head of Wells Fargo? Or Equifax?

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Swamp deepens as Trump names former drug industry exec to be health secretary

Alex Azar, President Trump’s pick to serve as Health and Human Services secretary, represents everything wrong with the incestuous relationship that often exists between government officials and the industries they oversee.

This is a guy who, after being active in George W.

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Consumer advocates will converge on Congress, but don't expect GOP to see the light

Consumer advocates and lawyers will converge on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to try to convey to lawmakers — particularly those in the Republican camp — that ordinary people are getting hosed by recent decisions that tilt the playing field toward business interests.

What’s touted as Consumer Justice Lobby Day is being sponsored by the National Consumer Law Center and the National Assn. of Consumer Advocates.

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Are video games bad for your kids? Not so much, experts now believe

Ask any parent how they feel about their kids’ video gaming and you’ll almost certainly hear concerns about all the hours spent in a virtual world and the possibility of antisocial or even violent behavior. But are these concerns valid?

My teenage son is a gamer — bigly — and I’ve wrestled with how proactive I should be in monitoring an activity he’s clearly passionate about.

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Trump now aiming to reverse an Obama-era rule on restaurant tips

When it comes to restaurant tipping, the Trump administration apparently thinks socialism is best.

The Labor Department has notified the Office of Management and Budget that it intends to rescind an Obama-era rule preventing restaurant owners from pooling servers’ tips with kitchen staff.

The rule specified that tips belong solely to the server.

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Researchers suggest delusion may be at the heart of conservative hatred of Obamacare

This week’s open enrollment for Obamacare once again made me wonder: How can conservatives be so convinced of the healthcare law’s failure when the opposite is demonstrably clear? Obamacare is far from perfect, but it’s in no way a “disaster,” a “catastrophe” or “imploding.”

In 2010, the year the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, nearly 50 million people in this country were uninsured.

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