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How to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Talent — and cash
It shouldn't take generous strangers to help patients cope with drug prices

The inherent goodness of people was made clear this week when a pair of readers offered to pay for a 75-year-old Encino man’s prescription meds after the drug maker imposed a $1,100 deductible to be eligible for financial assistance.

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How you can cash in — or do some good — with your unused gift cards
Disney streaming venture could make bloated pay-TV bundles obsolete

In the end, bloated, costly pay-TV bundles, which consumers have despised for years, could be killed off by a mouse.

Disney’s announcement this week that it will launch two Internet-based streaming-TV services — one for sports and one for family fare — is a declaration of independence from cable and satellite companies that would have subscribers pay for hundreds of channels they may never watch.

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Drug companies are growing less generous in helping patients pay for meds

For 14 years, Encino resident Ed Wright received an expensive prescription medication for free through a drug-industry program intended to assist people with limited or fixed incomes.

Now he’s rationing his doses after a change to the program that imposed a $1,100 deductible before he can get a refill.

“I can’t afford that,” Wright, 75, told me. “When I run out in a few weeks, that’s going to be it.”

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The guy who stole my identity 15 years ago just resurfaced in my life

Ten years ago this week, I wrote my first column for the Los Angeles Times. The topic was the huge mess that ensued after a guy in Connecticut stole my identity and ran up unpaid bills with credit card companies and Indian casinos.

I wrote about how I had to investigate the case myself — police nab fewer than 5% of identity thieves — and serve up my findings to law enforcement authorities.

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