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Reagan was right: Senate healthcare bill proves government is the problem

Ronald Reagan famously declared that government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.

On Monday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that, as far as Reagan’s own party is concerned, the former president had a point.

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Recipe for disaster: How not to cook up healthcare reform

In case anyone was wondering what would happen if a handful of fairly wealthy, well-insured men gathered in a room and quietly tried to reinvent the $3-trillion U.S. healthcare system without any input from medical experts, patient advocates or others who know what they’re talking about, the U.S. Senate stepped up Thursday with the answer.

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Trump's answer to the obesity epidemic: Here, have a cookie

The most attention-getting news out of the food industry last week was Amazon’s announcement Friday that it’s buying Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion. But that wasn’t the most important news.

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Pricey 'fintech' lenders put the squeeze on cash-strapped small businesses

Mark Newman needed some fast cash last October to keep his small Studio City wine-importing business afloat. He went to his main bank but was rejected for a loan because of his relatively low sales.

So Newman, 61, turned instead to an online lending company called OnDeck.

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Trump wants to deny nursing-home residents and their families the right to sue

Let’s say your elderly parent was neglected or abused in a nursing home. In the past, your only recourse might have been arbitration, rather than going to court.

But thanks to a rule put in place last fall by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, nursing homes that receive federal funding — which is most of them — could no longer include so-called mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts.

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'Alexa, what's my blood sugar level and how much insulin should I take?'

It’s become a punchline in the tech industry that every start-up is out to change the world. When it comes to medical technology, however, some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley are poised to do just that.

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