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Being evicted from a rent-controlled apartment? You have rights
Credit agency Experian says it can protect you from the 'dark Web' — sort of

The ad opens with quick cuts of creepy-looking hackers in sinister surroundings. A serious male voice asks: “Is your personal information already being traded on the dark Web?”

Then the imagery brightens — a sunny kitchen, a family playing with a fluffy white dog. “Find out with Experian,” says a friendly female voice. “Act now to help keep your personal information safe.”

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How to get top dollar for your beloved record collection
Despite Equifax hack, GOP lawmakers want to deregulate credit agencies

Even as millions of consumers grapple with fallout from the Equifax data breach, Republican lawmakers are quietly backing legislation to deregulate credit agencies and make them even less accountable for wrongdoing.

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The real outrage isn't Equifax's arbitration clause — it's all the others

Equifax won’t win any prizes for its handling of a massive security breach that potentially exposed the personal information of 143 million people to hackers.

But it was striking that of all the things that outraged consumers, the one that drew the most attention was Equifax’s inclusion of an arbitration clause in its offer of free credit monitoring.

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Time is running out for California Internet privacy bill hated by industry

As the clock ticks down on the current California legislative session, it’s increasingly looking like phone and cable companies have succeeded in killing off a bill aimed at giving state residents more control over Internet privacy.

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