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Die hard: Republican healthcare bill has no problem throwing you off a building

Glendale resident David Cannizzaro has had asthma since he was 7. Prior to Obamacare, his healthcare strategy was to see the doctor as little as possible so his insurer wouldn’t notice his preexisting condition and decide to raise his rates or drop his coverage.

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How to tell if a psychic is more interested in cash than clairvoyance

Joyce Senfe was distraught when her husband walked out after 56 years of marriage. She was desperate to know if he’d return.

So she went online and did a search for “Christian psychic.” That’s how Senfe, who lives in Brooksville, Fla., ended up on the phone recently with Los Angeles-based Psychic Readings by Lauren.

“Lauren was very sympathetic,” Senfe, 81, told me. “We talked for quite a bit.

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Miss USA spoke for many Americans when she said healthcare isn't a right

A beauty queen may not be the most authoritative source when it comes to healthcare. Then again, the president of the United States, who is seeking a far-reaching overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system, is a former beauty-pageant owner.

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Consumer agency chief, his job on the line, takes Republican attacks in stride

Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill through Congress that would allow the president to sack the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at any time for any reason.

But what are the odds President Trump would fire the head of a government agency he has issues with?


The Republican legislation, coupled with this week’s ouster of FBI Director James B.

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Banks, making record piles of cash, plead for 'much-needed regulatory relief'

After voting to radically overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, House Republicans will vote in coming weeks on rolling back financial reforms put in place to prevent big banks from once again driving the world to the brink of global catastrophe.

The banking industry couldn’t be more pleased.

The American Bankers Assn.

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The GOP's big lie: Healthcare bill 'protects people with preexisting conditions'

Last-minute wrangling over the Republican healthcare bill, approved by the House on Thursday, centered largely on what’s known as the MacArthur Amendment. House Speaker Paul Ryan said it “strengthens” the legislation and “protects people with preexisting conditions.”

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