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Republicans make killing consumer protections a top priority

There’s a lot important stuff going down that our leaders need to deal with — immigration, climate change, Russians running amok. So what are Republican lawmakers doing? They’re busy with legislation aimed at stripping Americans of consumer protections.

About a half-dozen bills take aim at various aspects of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau it created.

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Big Pharma really, really doesn't want you to know the true value of its drugs

The latest poster child for cruel and inhuman drug pricing is Kaleo Pharma, maker of an emergency injector for a med called naloxone, which is used as an antidote to save the lives of people who overdose on painkillers.

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Valentine's Day, so lucrative for businesses, has a naughty history

I tend not to quote from other publications, but the New York Daily Tribune really hit the mark with this appeal for sanity:

“There was a time when Valentine’s Day meant something,” it observed. “Then it was a business of real lovers and there was sweetness under its delicate shy disguise.”

But rampant commercialism has changed everything.

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Speedy drug approvals are risky, but drug companies have another idea that's just terrible

At a recent meeting with pharmaceutical-industry bigwigs, President Trump declared that “we’re going to be cutting regulations at a level that nobody’s ever seen before.” He also said that “we’re going to have tremendous protection for the people.”

It’s hard to see how he can do both.

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Are you being ripped off on Internet speeds? This lawsuit says yes

The fine print of Charter Communications’ high-speed Internet service says a “small percent of customers will receive lower than advertised speeds.” One attorney general says the problem is actually widespread — “a consistent story of bad performance and a long-term business plan built on deceit."

New York Atty. Gen.

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Former officials deride Trump's 'mindless' 2-for-1 deregulation plan

Joan Claybrook, head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during the Carter administration, had an immediate reaction when informed Monday of President Trump’s executive order requiring that federal agencies scrap two existing regulations for every new one adopted.

She burst out laughing.

“That’s a completely illogical way of doing things,” Claybrook told me.

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