Apple says 'intruder' tried to steal app developers' information

Apple over the weekend announced that it had to take down its developer website after an "intruder" attempted to steal the personal information of Apple third-party developers.

The Cupertino tech giant said the incident occurred on Thursday.

"Sensitive personal information was encrypted and cannot be accessed, however, we have not been able to rule out the possibility that some developers’ names, mailing addresses, and/or email addresses may have been accessed," Apple said in an email sent to developers.

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Apple said it decided to inform developers about the intrusion in the spirit of transparency. The company said it took down its developer site after learning of the intrusion. The website is still down, but Apple said it is working "around the clock" to get it back online as soon as possible.

"In order to prevent a security threat like this from happening again, we’re completely overhauling our developer systems, updating our server software, and rebuilding our entire database," the note says.

When users attempt to visit the developer site, they are greeted with the note Apple issued over the weekend:

"We apologize for the significant inconvenience that our downtime has caused you and we expect to have the developer website up again soon," Apple said.

Concerned Apple users can change their Apple ID online as well as their Apple ID password.


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