Facebook says Paul Ceglia concealed 'Get Zuck' email account

More fireworks, this time set off by Facebook in the case of the New York man who would own Facebook.

Last week Facebook prevailed in getting a judge to get Paul Ceglia to pay Facebook $75,766 in legal bills.

Now Facebook’s digital forensics experts have uncovered an email account, getzuck@gmail.com. According to Facebook, Ceglia, who’s suing for half of Mark Zuckerberg’s multibillion-stake in the social networking giant, created the account to use in connection with his lawsuit.

Ceglia also had more innocuous email accounts: landlubber39@yahoo.com, paulc@hush.com and alleganypellets@gmail.com.

Facebook wants the federal court in Buffalo to grant subpoenas that would let the company examine the “Get Zuck” email account and the three others that it says Ceglia hid from the company.

“Ceglia’s ongoing obstruction — in the face of repeated motions to compel — has prejudiced Defendants by denying them access to time-sensitive electronic material that this court ordered Ceglia to disclose more than six months ago,” Facebook says in its motion.

Ceglia’s attorney Dean Boland did not respond to an e-mail.


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