Another first for Google Glass -- tester loses a pair

In tech, when you're the first to do something it's usually a good thing, unless you're the first person to lose a $1,500 Google Glass device.

But that's exactly what purportedly happened to Luke Wroblewski, one of the early owners of Glass, which began shipping to developers last month who pre-ordered the device at the Google I/O conference last year. He shared the unfortunate news on Twitter.

So according to @googleglass support, I have the dubious honor of being the first person to lose a Google Glass. #yayme

— Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) May 20, 2013

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Wroblewski told VentureBeat he thinks the device slipped out of his bag as he went through airport security. He said next time, he'll make sure to put them in a pocket with a zipper.

It's "pretty nerve-racking. It’s an expensive and still-rare item," he said in an email to VentureBeat. "Plus I’ve been using them to develop Glassware. So [it's] not good on a number of fronts."

Unfortunately for Wroblewski, not many think he'll get his Glass device back. On Polar, a service that can be used to poll people, he asked others if they think airport security will hold onto his device or whether they think his Google Glass is long gone. Nearly 500 people say it's gone while only about 100 are feeling optimistic. 

"I’m getting the word out in case it helps me get them back,” he told VentureBeat.


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