Apple vs. Samsung: German court throws out two suits in patent fight

A German court threw out two lawsuits in the ongoing patent battle between Apple and Samsung on Friday, but there are plenty suits in the fight that have yet to be decided.

One suit dismissed by the Mannheim regional court was an action Apple filed accusing Samsung of infringing on its patent for the slide-to-unlock feature found on the screens of the iPhone and some of Samsung's smartphones, according to a Reuters report.

The other suit was a Samsung complaint alleging that Apple infringed on three of its patents relating to mobile technologies, Reuters said.

Samsung told the Associated Press that it has other suits filed in the same court over four patents the company claims Apple is infringing on.

Apple has previously won a temporary sales ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Germany and filed suits seeking a ban on sales of 10 Samsung smartphones as well.

But Germany is merely one battleground for the two tech giants. Apple and Samsung are locked in legal fights in Europe, Asia and Australia, with more than 20 suits having been filed in at least 10 countries.

All the Samsung devices called out in Apple's suits run Google's Android operating system, which is the iPhone's biggest smartphone competitor and the most widely used mobile OS in the world.


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