Google's barge, forced from San Francisco, heads to Port of Stockton

SAN FRANCISCO -- Google's mysterious barge has set sail for a new mooring on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta.

Richard Aschieris, the director of the Port of Stockton, confirmed a report by CNet that the Google barge was headed for his city after being ordered to leave San Francisco.

"We've reached an agreement for them to dock at the Port of Stockton," he told the Stockton Record. "I'm absolutely delighted to have this agreement."

Under the agreement, the port would house the Google barge for six months while it completes construction. Google will pay the standard dockage fee, which Aschieris estimated at about $10,000 a month.

The barge, made from dozens of shipping containers, left Treasure Island early Thursday to comply with a regulatory order that said Google did not have the proper permits to build the four-story barge there.

Google has not revealed what exactly is inside the shipping containers or exactly what it plans to do with the barge. It is widely believed the vessel will be a floating showroom for Google X products such as Glass.


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