"The first thing he did was say we have to focus ourselves and our resources," Gillett said. "We have to completely restructure the way we thought about ourselves in the marketplace."

In its last annual report, Symantec wrote:

"The company is in the midst of a transformation. New types of solutions and new market opportunities are emerging as customers look to us to innovate across a digital landscape that has expanded enormously for both consumers and businesses. As we think about our markets today, it is very clear that the industry needs a new model for protection."

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According to Gillett, Symantec previously had 150 products that could leave customers confused. The company is trying to bring those together in a way that makes more sense. Bennett has reorganized the company around 10 product lines and said he plans to increase investment in research and development.

In the short term, Symantec is expecting little or no revenue growth in the fiscal year ending April 2014, but it predicts it will return to growth of about 5% annually after that. Its stock is up about 30% in the last year.

"Right now, we are in the middle of transforming ourselves," Gillett said. "But I'm tremendously excited about the opportunity ahead."


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