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Hollywood Heritage celebrates Eddie Cantor's legacy

Hollywood Heritage is celebrating the legacy of Eddie Cantor with a rarely seen film and special guests.

On Wednesday, Hollywood Heritage's Evening at the Barn celebrates the legacy of Eddie Cantor. The singer-actor-comedian-songwriter made his vaudeville debut as a teenager and went on to star on Broadway in such musicals as "Whoopee." Cantor headlined several lavish movie musicals for Samuel Goldwyn, including 1933's "Roman Scandals." He starred on radio in the 1930s and was a favorite on TV in the 1950s. Michelle Malik, president of the Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society, and the performer's granddaughter, Amanda Gari, will be among the special guests at the tribute, which also features a documentary and a rarely seen short film, "Midnight Frolic." For more information go to

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