Kylie Jenner cut off financially by Kris Jenner at age 14? Not exactly

Kylie Jenner's definition of paying for 'everything' might be a little bit over the top

Poor Kylie Jenner — Kris Jenner cut off the cash flow to her youngest child years ago. Or maybe not so much. 

"My Mum cut me off financially three years ago so I pay for everything — my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes," the 17-year-old told InStyle UK, the fashion mag's British incarnation (hence the "mum").

But wait! Could a teen girl possibly have over-dramatized her life to a willing listener? One alleged insider says yes.

"Kris made sure she paid for Kylie's car, for medical, for housing, for food, for vacations. All the usual stuff," the source told E! News, noting that Mom wanted her kids to be financially responsible and independent. "If she [Kylie] wanted to buy new clothes, she would have to save up. If they wanted extras, they had to buy extras."

Cut off from extras is a little different than cut off completely. Ask Tori Spelling — after all, even in 2007, $800,000 definitely didn't go as far as it used to. Or Kate Hudson. Better yet, ask Amanda Bynes. Maybe even check in with Rob Kardashian one of these days?

Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, just bought herself a new house. A new, $2.7-million house. With her own money.

Clearly, "cut off" hasn't put much of a dent in her lifestyle. Or maybe a 4,900-square-foot joint is simply one of those "extras."

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