Box office: 'Inside Out' and 'Jurassic World' run past 'Ted 2'

In a weekend of box office bears, "Ted 2" is shaping up to be more of a cub.

As the raunchy caniform returns to the June box office, ‎it’s a pair of holdovers battling it out to lead the pack. "Inside Out," in its second weekend of release, edged out third-weekend entry "Jurassic World" by a margin of $15 million to $14.7 million at Friday screenings. But projections suggest Indominus Rex and friends could feel the Joy by the time the weekend is out, topping $50 million, while “Inside Out lands at about $48 million.

Debuting in third place will be "Ted 2,” as a big promotional push and some built-in name recognition couldn't give much of a boost the Seth MacFarlane comedy. A $13-million Friday is expected to lead to about $34 million for the weekend, a fair chunk lower than the $50 million-plus that experts had predicted for the Mark Wahlberg movie. The number is also well shy of the $54-million total of "Ted" three years ago.

Another titular animal is also faltering this weekend, as “Max,” Boaz Yakin’s PTSD canine picture,  garnered $4.4 million on Friday and will end up at around $13 million for the weekend. Yakin’s movie — a shift from his earlier grittier work — set back financier MGM only about $20 million but also received a splashy marketing campaign from distributor Warner Bros., which took out numerous TV ads in prime time and late-night.

If "Jurassic World" indeed edges out its Pixar competitor, it will have won the box office for the third straight week, the first time a release in the crowded May-July period has done so in nearly three years.

After opening to a record-breaking $208.8 million two weeks ago, "Jurassic World" showed some great staying power last weekend by dropping only a modest 49%, and will have a similarly small fall this weekend. With Friday’s haul, it has now topped “Avengers: Age of Ultron's” total of $445 million. The Chris Pratt action-adventure movie now sits at $461 million and is the highest grossing movie at the domestic box office since “The Avengers” in 2012, which raked in $623 million.

"Inside Out” will also have a very solid weekend, dropping by only about 47% from last weekend’s $90-million total, in keeping with Pixar’s historically strong second-weekend holds.

For its part, “Ted 2” will look to capitalize on the July 4 box office and a relatively open few weeks for male-skewing R-rated movies. With a $34-million opening weekend, it has a long way to go to approach the success of the first film, which enjoyed a word-of-mouth-fueled run that took it all the way to $218 million.

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