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'The Grand Seduction': Taylor Kitsch, Brendan Gleeson in exclusive clip

Brendan GleesonTaylor Kitsch
Taylor Kitsch is a big-city doctor subjected to a small-town ruse in this clip from 'The Grand Seduction'

Taylor Kitsch finds himself on an extended house call a long way from home in "The Grand Seduction," the upcoming Canadian comedy about a tiny Newfoundland town in desperate need of a resident doctor.

Based on the 2003 Quebecois film "Seducing Dr. Lewis" and directed by Don McKellar, "The Grand Seduction" stars Brendan Gleeson as a hard-up fisherman and pro-tem mayor who leads his village in an attempt to woo Kitsch's big-city plastic surgeon, Dr. Lewis, into sticking around so the town can secure a lucrative factory contract.

In order to transform their hamlet into Lewis' dream home, the townsfolk wiretap the good doctor's phone and learn about his predilections, which include fusion jazz, Indian food and — perhaps most problematically for a town of hockey lovers — cricket.

The exclusive clip above shows what happens when Dr. Lewis attempts to drop in on a game that no one has any clue how to play.

It also offers a taste of Kitsch downshifting into a quieter role than his usual big-budget Hollywood outings ("Battleship," "John Carter"), while Gleeson looks to be right in his wheelhouse as a consummate character actor.

"The Grand Seduction" opens May 30.

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