'The Wedding Ringer' trailer: Kevin Hart is a best man for hire

Kevin Hart is Josh Gad's best-man-on-demand in the new 'The Wedding Ringer' trailer

"Think Like a Man Too" star Kevin Hart is back with another nuptial comedy in "The Wedding Ringer," and a new trailer gives a glimpse of his hijinks with co-star Josh Gad ("Frozen," Broadway's "Book of Mormon").

This time around, Hart plays not a bumbling best man but rather a seasoned pro. His character, Jimmy, is the proprietor of Best Man Inc., which provides bros-on-demand for grooms in need. Nerdy Doug (Gad) is one such fellow, a successful tech entrepreneur with a beautiful fiancee (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) but no one to fill out his half of the bridal party.

From the looks of the trailer, which you can watch above, rounding up seven additional groomsmen is a challenge even for fast-talking Jimmy, and his ragtag group of day players doesn't inspire confidence.

For Hart, who has been a ubiquitous comedic presence on the big screen lately, "The Wedding Ringer" could provide an opportunity to offset his usual buffoonery with some smooth operating, with Gad on pratfall duty.

That said, at one point in the trailer Hart's Jimmy does purposely dump a pot of steaming-hot food into Doug's lap and indirectly set Grandma on fire.

"Ringer" also marks the directing debut of Jeremy Garelick, who co-wrote with Jay Lavender.

Screen Gems will release the movie Jan. 16, 2015.

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