Stephen Colbert interviews Eminem on small-town Michigan public access show

Stephen Colbert takes over small-town Michigan public access show, and the results are comedy gold

Stephen Colbert won't make his "Late Show" debut until after Labor Day, but clearly he hasn't been taking the summer off. 

The comedian's latest online experiment (following his same-sex marriage reaction and the removal of his "Colbeard") finds him taking over "Only in Monroe," a public access show from Monroe, Mich. (pop. 20,405).

In a 40-minute webisode posted Tuesday, Colbert interviewed the show's regular hosts, Michelle Bowman and Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Wilson -- the latter of whom happened to be crowned Miss America in 1988. Much drinking of wine and Miss USA trash-talking ensued. 

But arguably the real highlight of the episode was an interview with the Wolverine State's most famous son, Eminem (which begins around 21 minutes). Referring to his guest by his given name, Marshall Mathers, Colbert asked the rapper probing questions about Bob Seger's catalog, his musical sensibility ("Are you more political or are you more booty rhymes?) and his propensity for wearing hoodies ("You've got such a cute face, why hide it under the hoodie?")

The two wrapped up the show by reading upcoming events from the community calendar, including classes on infant CPR and beginning birding basics. 

The entire episode is worth watching, so make some time this weekend --- or just watch while your boss is looking the other way. 

We have just one question: where was Joan Callamezzo?

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