New York Fashion Week: Daring and digital womenswear for spring 2013

NEW YORK -- With bold stripes and checks, graphic modern lines, slashes of painterly color and digital photo prints, the women's spring-summer 2013 collections at New York Fashion Week were a visual explosion, a feast for the eyes that at times ventured into Op Art territory. Were designers playing with our perspective? Perhaps. Technology has made computer printing on fabric easier than ever, which makes using original prints one of the easiest ways for a designer to stand out from the pack. But on a deeper level, the visual cacophony of color and print seemed to be part of a larger discussion on sensory overload in the Digital Age -- which is only going to get more intense when the Internet-surfing Google Glasses that debuted on Diane von Furstenberg's runway become a reality. The clean lines and pared-down silhouettes reminiscent of the 1960s seemed to be an effort at cleaning up the clutter, while the visual overload of stripes and grids at the Marc Jacobs show, for example, was a commentary on it. Here is a rundown on the big trends noted during the week, which ended Thursday. Click here for more runway coverage. --Booth Moore, Fashion Critic
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