Beer of the Month: Karl Strauss Brewing Pintail Pale Ale

Karl Strauss Brewing Pintail Pale Ale

Pintail is a seasonal brew from

San Diego

-based Karl Strauss, and for a long time it was available only at Karl Strauss brewpubs. Last year, Strauss started bottling it for sale in stores.

It's definitely a late-spring, early summer beer. It's hopped with several varieties — Newport for a clean bitterness and both good old Cascade as well as a so-called super-Cascade, Amarillo, for a piney-citrusy nose. Amarillo has a reputation for citrusiness, but the pine note really dominates — sniffing this beer is a little like a campout in the woods. Finally, there's a long finish with malty sweetness and bitterness duking it out to the end, bitter winning (on a split decision) at the end.

What to serve it with? It's a summer beer — anything from the grill.

— Charles Perry

Quick sip


A brisk, attractive medium-bodied pale ale with a very piney nose and medium bitterness


$8.29 per six-pack

Where to find it:

Karl Strauss brewpubs in Costa Mesa and

Universal CityWalk



; and Beverages and More stores,