Christine DeHaven's list of new-mom must-haves

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Thanks to Christine DeHaven for letting me re-post her must-have list for new moms.

1. Papasan. This is great because Miles falls asleep and I can move himaround the house without waking him. The one I have has an arm with a mirror on it  -- and my child is so vain and loves looking athimself.

2. Anything with lights is perfect distraction. This activity mat I have isn't the cutest, but it has great lights that keep him busy. He lies on it  without a peep while I shower and get ready.

3. This is a little lovey that so far he, um, loves .... they have so many cute options. 

4. One of my fav blankets

5. Great to clean the pump when you are on the go.

6. By far my favorite blankets. I have two packs. I love these. They are big, light, wash well and don't overheat him. A staple.

7. No-rinse cleaning fluid. This stuff saves me from having a puke-smelling child between his baths.

8. Best swaddle for naps/night ever. Miles has fallen asleep mid-wrapping. First week we had him home, Evan made me go pick up two morebecause one wasn't enough.

9. Miles' favorite toy as of late. He can stare at the lights forever!  It's so easy and tiny enough to put in my purse. (Is that saying much, considering I carry a bag the size of carry-on luggage?)

10. Miles' other favorite toy. One side is all colors the other is all black and white. This he love love loves. Perfect for the car.

11. A bottle drying rack. It's hard to find one that isn't ugly.

12. This mat turns any bag into a diaper bag. I love mine. We also use it downstairs when we are too lazy to go upstairs to change him.

13. These bags are tiny and powerful. I didn't want another appliance in the kitchen so didn't want to get a bottle sanitizer. These bags allow you to put all your pump stuff, bottles and pacifiers in there and sanitize them. Each bag can be used 20 times.

14. Emergency kit. I have two of these, one for each car. They hold a few diapers and wipes as well as a mat.  in case you are out without diapers or you know emergency stuff.

15. Burp cloths. You need tons of them. I go through so many a day it is crazy. I like these. Cheap and easy. I hope it is the right kind. The packaging on all the pre-fold diapers look the same. The ones I like are thin like gauze.

16. Cloth diapers, we have been using them and so far so good. I do laundry  every 2 days. This site will help intro you to them. Mightwant to think about it.

17. White Noise machine. Helps drown out dogs and other noise. This has been really helpful for us.

18. "The Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD. This is so helpful for the first three months and coping. Better than reading the book. You can find cheap used ones on Ebay.

19. By the fourth month you are ready to get the little one sleeping through the night, this DVD is great start. I swear by this. My son is a great night sleeper -- 12-plus hours. Amazing. Also FYI she does a mommy-and-me class in Santa Monica I found so helpful. I did it right around the four-month mark with Miles and she walked me throughsleep training.

20. Boppy covers. I go through a ton of them. Get a few.

21. A babymonitor with video. This one I love.

22. Lanolin for ouchie nipples. This is great because your baby can nurse without your having to wash it off.

23. Nursing pads. You will need these so you don't leak -- which is something no one told me.

24. "Baby 411." A great book to help you learn about what your baby should do and if it's cause to call  a doctor. I loved reading this before Miles was born; it made me feel more prepared.

25. A nursing tank top. Take this to the hospital. It will be helpful when you don't want to wear the gown anymore. They sell some cheap ones at Target -- shocking but true. The rest are super pricey. I would invest in a few good ones if you are going to nurse but also the Target ones work in a pinch.

26. Wipes. In the hospital they don't give you baby wipes. Pack your own.

27. The Babysteals website sells stuff discounted daily at 8 a.m. PST. Some greatdeals. They can auto email you if you want. I have gotten some goodiesthere.

28. Babylegs are a help when changing a diaper. Easier than removing pants plus they are cute. They have them on Babysteals a lot as well.

29. A few baby carriers I have tried and loved beyond the Ergo (which is amazing with the baby insert) are the Belle and the Baby Pouch.

30. Gripe water.  Helps with tummy troubles and hiccups etc. Get the travel pack as the dropper is easier to use.

31. The Pump Station shops in Santa Monica and Hollywood are amazing and they have such great stuff.

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