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Home-care hiring: Developing a good working relationship

Home care is a demanding gig in which a healthy, happy employee-employer relationship is crucial. The journey begins with respect and clarity.

A difficult lesson in hiring a caregiver for mom

Senior Living: Hiring a caregiver for elderly parents is filled with pitfalls. Here's tips for finding the right one.

When Mom or Dad finds new love in the golden years

Sister, it's time for some sibling mediation

Holiday visits with a purpose

Family changes affect holiday get-togethers: How to cope


Hoarding: When stuff really piles up

The behavior appears to be increasing, particularly among people who learned early lessons about wastefulness or who are juggling the inherited and the inheritable. But the pack-rat mentality can be carried to extremes, and it's a tricky issue for concerned friends and family.

Keeping track of seniors with Alzheimer's

For families with a relative who wanders, products such as bracelets and shoes that rely on GPS technology can ease their anxiety and help quickly recover lost loved ones.

Dealing with depression in seniors

Children often ignore the symptoms, and aging parents are likely not to discuss their feelings, even with their doctors, because they don't want to become a burden.

Going back to their roots at Nikkei Senior Gardens

At Arleta’s Nikkei Senior Gardens, it’s retirement living with a back-to-the-Earth difference: Residents can tend their own garden plots.

When to ask your parents for the keys