Geoffrey Mohan


Geoffrey Mohan joined the Los Angeles Times in 2001 from Newsday, where he was the Latin America Bureau Chief in Mexico City. He started off here as a statewide roamer, detoured to cover the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and was part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the California wildfires in 2003. He served as an editor on the metro and foreign desks before returning to reporting on science in 2013. Now he’s coming full circle, roaming the state in search of stories about farming and food.

Recent Articles

  • Judge slams fruit grower over 'bad faith' bargaining with farmworkers

    Judge slams fruit grower over 'bad faith' bargaining with farmworkers

    The state’s largest grower of peaches and other fruit bargained in bad faith with the United Farm Workers of America and wrongly tried to exclude as many as 1,500 employees from a collective bargaining agreement, a judge has ruled. The decision gives a strong boost to the UFW’s claim to represent...

  • KFC goes antibiotic-free

    KFC goes antibiotic-free

    The parent company of KFC announced it will stop buying chicken that is raised using antibiotics that are important to human medicine. The move by the giant fast-food chicken chain comes after years of pressure from food safety and consumer advocacy groups, and two years after other industry leaders...

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