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  • Summiting San Gorgonio

    Summiting San Gorgonio

    Guided by headlamps, flashlights and the sound of a babbling creek, Josh Iniego and friends embarked on a 17.3-mile journey, up a steep elevation gain and into the early-morning darkness to summit San Gorgonio Mountain. San Gorgonio Mountain, which stands 11,503 feet above the San Bernardino National...

  • The fan of waves

    The fan of waves

    In Newport Beach, the famous surf spot known as the Wedge is irresistible to surfers and photographers alike for its enormous swells. Arturo Beltran visits the spot to capture what he calls "wave fans," or the backwash that shoots up in the air as the returning water collides with an incoming wave....

  • Catching waves pulling back

    Catching waves pulling back

    Tom Setterlund was drawn to the scene by the sound. While taking part in the Worldwide Photowalk 2015 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Setterlund made his way down to the shoreline, making long exposures of the waves. As he walked farther east, he noticed a steep, six-foot drop-off. "As the waves recede...

  • An ocean of light below Mt. Wilson

    An ocean of light below Mt. Wilson

    The sprawling Los Angeles Basin at night turns into a vast ocean of light. Susan Colosimo and fellow photographer Candy Dougherty originally set out to photograph the moon from Red Box, a ranger station up Angeles Crest Highway in the Angeles National Forest. With an hour to wait for the moon rise,...

  • Light at the end of a Union Station tunnel

    Light at the end of a Union Station tunnel

    While walking through L.A.'s Union Station, Val Blakely stared down each of the tunnels leading up to the Metrolink platforms. "I was captivated by the light that was pouring into the tunnel and then the light fading to shadows," Blakely said. Blakely chose his scene carefully. Not just any tunnel...

  • Light caught in the web

    Light caught in the web

    Jill Reed woke up last week to a light rain falling in Torrance. She grabbed her camera and went outside in the backyard. Days earlier, she noticed a spider web clinging to the roof of the house and a plant below. In the drizzle, the web was catching the morning light. "We usually get these big...

  • Kelp forest kayaker

    Kelp forest kayaker

    While hiking Santa Cruz Island, Hadley Johnson spotted a lone yellow streak traversing the blue of the ocean and green of the kelp forest. Johnson, who was attending a photo workshop on the island, was standing on a bluff overlooking Scorpion Anchorage and watching the many kayakers enjoying a mid-morning...

  • Fishing for photos

    Fishing for photos

    Luis Miguel Moreno captured this photo of a fisherman mid-cast on the Venice Beach pier on Saturday. Moreno visited the beach with his brother from Houston, who was getting his first view of the Pacific Ocean. For Moreno, the photo combines his two loves: fishing and photography. "As a child, I...