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Response to Terror

Times coverage from its Oct. 9, 2001, edition.

  • 2nd Man Exposed to Anthrax

    A second Florida man has been exposed to the rare and extremely deadly anthrax bacterium, and U.S. officials said Monday that they were vigorously investigating the incident as a potential criminal act. One law enforcement source said they are considering the possibility of terrorism. The man,...

  • Clout for the Security Guard

    President Bush has moved quickly to establish the Office of Homeland Security and Monday swore in its first director, former Pennsylvania Gov. Thomas J. Ridge. A Vietnam veteran and a hard-nosed prosecutor, Ridge is an astute choice for the job of wresting cooperation from the FBI, CIA and dozens...

  • Our Do-Gooder Delusions in Afghanistan Are in for a Shock

    In framing his anti-terrorism policy, President Bush does well to emphasize that his quarrel is not with the Afghan people. It is dangerous to tie the humanitarian response to the needs of Afghanistan closely to the international anti-terrorism campaign and to Afghan politics. For some time, aid...

  • New Yorkers Carry On

    With their city on heightened security alert, thousands of New Yorkers lined 5th Avenue Monday to cheer a Columbus Day parade that officials said proved life goes on after last month's terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The 57th annual parade was marked by the conspicuous absence of city...

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