Mel Gibson

In July 2010, alleged taped recordings of Gibson berating and threatening his estranged girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva (pictured ) with physical abuse were leaked on the Internet before the couple went to court over shared custody of their young daughter, Lucia. Aside from the attacks on Grigorieva, the recordings also included racist rants. It's still unclear whether Gibson will face domestic-violence charges from these events and the couple are in a custody battle over their daughter. This follows a 2006 incident in which Gibson was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Malibu. A sheriff's deputy said Gibson accused Jews of being responsible for all wars. Gibson also reportedly made a crude sexual remark to a female deputy. After the Malibu arrest, Gibson quickly issued an apology, offered to meet with Jewish leaders, agreed to enter an alcohol recovery program and did a confessional interview with Diane Sawyer. We're not sure if it's going to be this easy this time around. Legal battles for custody of Lucia continue, and the tapes are in the sheriff's custody as the domestic abuse case is investigated.
Jewel Samad / AFP/Getty Images
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