The Cheat Sheet: 'Twilight Saga': Eclipse

The Cheat Sheet: 'Eclipse'
To gear up for the third feature to be adapted from the wildly popular Stephenie Meyer books, here's a study guide for Twi-hards and the uninitiated alike. Roll over photos to learn who's who, read about their favorite scenes and time travel with their characters into the future.

By Yvonne Villarreal, Los Angeles Times
The Key Players
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Taylor Lautner
  • Peter Facinelli
  • Bryce Dallas Howard
The Cullens
  • Elizabeth Reaser
  • Kellan Lutz
  • Nikki Reed
  • Ashley Greene
  • Jackson Rathbone
Wolves vs. Vampires
  • Chaske Spencer
  • Julia Jones
  • Alex Meraz
  • Xavier Samuel
  • Dakota Fanning
Kristen Stewart
Character: Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan, Edward Cullen's girlfriend and best friend of Jacob Black.

Back story: Bella desperately wants to be changed into a vampire so she and Edward can share their love for eternity. Edward, though, is determined to keep her human to save her soul. It's a dilemma made only worse when the ruling vampire body called the Volturi discovers that human Bella knows of their existence. They force a vow from the Cullen family to turn Bella within a year or they will kill her. Bella is also being hunted by the vampire Victoria, after the Cullens killed her sadistic mate James.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "There were two scenes that just were very important to me and they happen one after the other," Stewart says. "It's when Jacob and Bella kiss and then she goes and talks to Edward about it. It was just so different from anything that I've played in this series so far. The movie is so very much about ultimate devotion, so to stray from that was just weird and cool and sort of makes the relationship between Edward and Bella a little bit more real because now she's seen another side and she can actually consider something else for five seconds of her life."

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Robert Pattinson
Character: Edward Cullen, the adopted son of Esme and Carlisle, adoptive brother of Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, and Bella Swan's beau. He has the ability to read minds, with the exception of Bella's.

Back story: It has taken the brooding Edward generations to fall in love and now that he has, he feels responsible for Bella's life — and soul—so resists turning her into a vampire, though outside forces are weighing on him to do so. In "New Moon," after a brief birthday fiasco puts Bella in mortal danger, Edward breaks up with her and the Cullens move away as a way to protect her from further potential harm from their kind. He soon finds it difficult to live without her and returns only to find Bella is in renewed danger and, in his absence, has developed a close relationship to her friend Jacob. Needless to say, Edward and Jacob, do not care for each other.

Where is Edward 100 years from now? "Oh, God, I don't know," Pattinson says. "I mean, it seems like he's gone through so many problems and the series is only over a period of like two years or something — or three years, maybe, for the whole thing. I mean, you can't keep living like that … it's just craziness the entire time. [Edward's] probably been killed or something."

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Taylor Lautner
Character: Jacob Black is Bella's best friend. He is a Quileute Native American and a member of the wolf pack.

Back story: Though Bella is still clearly in love with Edward, Jacob's feelings toward her have grown. He has also discovered that he is one in an ancient line of Quileute werewolves — mortal enemies of the Cullens though sworn to a long-standing treaty with the family as long as the vampires don't harm humans. Suspecting Bella's desire to become a vampire, Jacob reminds Edward of the Quileute-Cullen treaty, implying there could be trouble if she is bitten.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I liked the tent scene a lot," Lautner says. "I had a lot of fun filming it. But another really fun one occurred right in front of Bella's house after I kissed her for the first time … and she punched me. Edward and Jacob get into a huge fight and we're yelling at each other and he grabs my shoulder and [Bella's father] Charlie comes storming out and breaks up the fight. It was really a funny scene to film."

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Peter Facinelli
Character: Carlisle Cullen, patriarch of the Cullen family.

Back story: In "Twilight," we're introduced to Carlisle, a doctor in Forks, who, over the last century or so, "created" his happy, vegetarian clan of vampires (they feed on animal blood only). Pleased that Edward has finally found love, Carlisle is steadfast in his willingness to protect Bella from all threats and is in favor of turning Bella into a vampire as she has long hoped for.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I liked all the action stuff. For me, the training sequence and the battle scene were the ultimate," Facinelli says. "I mean, we did six months of training and we were finally able to take all that and put it to use. It was exciting. I'm sure the wolf pack is jealous; they have all those muscles and abs, but it's for nothing! They don't even get to do stunts."

Where is Carlisle 100 years from now? "Carlisle is still doing doctor work somewhere … maybe back in Forks."

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Bryce Dallas Howard
Character: Victoria, a red-headed blood sucker who, after her mate James is killed by the Cullens, seeks revenge on Edward by killing Bella.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "The ending. The battle scene," Howard says. "There was so much preparation that went into doing that — the choreography of the fight. When you finally get there, it's kind of an anticipation … we've prepared for this and how is it actually going to turn out? It was such a fun thing to shoot."

Where is Victoria 100 years from now? "It depends what happens with Edward and Bella. I think she's so devastated by the loss of James that she would not stop until the Cullens were finished."

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Elizabeth Reaser
Character: Esme Cullen, the matriarch of the Cullen clan.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "It'd have to be the battle scene because I was just so terrified of it — of hitting someone or getting hurt," Reaser says. "It was fun to finally get to a point where I could just get crazy on camera in a way that I never have and trying to make it believable. It was a huge step forward for me."

Where is Esme 100 years from now? "I want [Esme and Carlisle] to adopt more babies!"

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Kellan Lutz
Character: Emmett Cullen, Carlisle and Esme's adopted son, adoptive brother of Edward, Alice, and Jasper, and husband of Rosalie.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "Probably my favorite scene out of all of the books is the end fight," Lutz says. "We get to annihilate the newborn [vampires] in protecting Bella. It's really fun working with these cardboard cut-out wolves and seeing what the directors do in post [production], to see how you end up reacting to something that wasn't there and then play it off. The fight sequences that we all trained for, we all trained for six weeks in our own individualistic style of fighting. Throwing that all together — seeing the Cullens all together — I can't wait to see it.

Where is Emmett 100 years from now? "Man, I don't know how to answer that. There's not enough enemies for Emmett to really be concerned about. I think he just sits back until the newborns create a real global resistance for him to take out."

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Nikki Reed
Character: Rosalie Hale, the adopted daughter of Esme and Carlisle, adoptive sister of Edward, Alice, and Jasper, and wife of Emmett.

Back story: In "Twilight," Rosalie isn't too keen about the relationship developing between Edward and Bella. When the family vows to protect Bella from the killer vampire James, Rosalie reluctantly participates. In "New Moon," Rosalie apologizes to Bella and Edward for her killjoy behavior. But when it comes time to vote whether Bella should be transformed into a vampire, Rosalie has her reasons to oppose it.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I really loved shooting my back story," Reed says. "I really felt like I needed to do that for me. I was so happy when I read it in the script. I was crossing my fingers for the last two years that it would make it in [from the book]. I don't know how much I enjoyed filming it — I was really nervous. You only get one shot to do that as Rosalie. But it was a really special scene for me."

Where is Rosalie 100 years from now? "I'll be planning my 90th wedding because I keep making Emmett marry me and reliving that. It's so amazing that he does everything I say."

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Ashley Greene
Character: Alice Cullen, the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive sister of Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett, and wife of Jasper. Her special ability is to see the future, an enhanced version of the premonitions she had as a human.

Back story: With her precognition powers, Alice is able to foresee potential danger and proves invaluable in saving Bella from the tracker vampire James. But her visions can be misleading. Will she be able to help again as Victoria closes in on Bella?

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I very much enjoyed both fight sequences," Greene says. "I kind of like the training sequence as well because you get to see us really interact with each other and there's kind of this cat and mouse game. You get to see the Cullens be very playful with one another. It's really adorable. There are really cute moments between Jasper and Alice … but then, of course, the end sequence where we really got to show what we had, they pretty much let us do all our own stunts. We worked our tails off."

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Jackson Rathbone
Character: Jasper Hale is the adopted son of Carlisle and Esme, adoptive brother of Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie, and husband of Alice.

Back story: In "Twilight," Jasper is pretty low key — until he helps Emmett rip James, a vampire on the hunt for Bella, into pieces. In "New Moon," Jasper's rookie status as a vegetarian vampire is demonstrated after Bella gets a paper cut while opening a birthday present; he's overcome by his thirst for her blood and tries to attack Bella, leading to Edward's to separate the clan from bella. His years as a fighter before he met the Cullens are put to use in training the family for battle. He also votes in favor of transforming Bella into a vampire.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I paid [screenwriter] Melissa Rosenberg to write in a scene where Alice kisses Jasper. I see my bribe paid off," Rathbone says.

Where is Jasper 100 years from now? "Jasper would be right behind Alice; wherever she is, he'll be there."

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Chaske Spencer
Character: Sam Uley is the leader and oldest member of the La Push wolf pack. Before becoming a wolf, he was involved with Leah Clearwater.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I like the cabin scene," Spencer says. "We all got together. It was our first day on the shoot. It was good to be back with the gang."

Where is Sam 100 years from now? "He's got his own brood going on; his own little puppies, sitting up on a mountain in a rocking chair … just kicking it."

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July 28: Count Basie Orchestra
The Bowl thinks big with this date headlined by the long-running jazz institution, which also features large ensembles led by the reliably adventurous bassist Dave Holland and trumpeter Dave Douglas.

Photo: Dave Douglas. Credit: Los Angeles Times
Aug. 13-15: Long Beach Jazz Festival
Three days of crowd-pleasing jazz and R&B with Boney James, Dave Koz, the Original Jazz Crusaders featuring Joe Sample, Marcus Miller with Christian Scott and more.

Photo: Christian Scott. Credit: EPA
Aug. 15: Vijay Iyer
A fiery, gifted improviser who topped a number of year-end lists with his 2009 album "Historicity," this pianist is equally comfortable with his own knotty originals as he is with inside-out covers of artists ranging from M.I.A. to Andrew Hill.

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times
Sept. 1: Herbie Hancock
Seven Decades The ever-restless jazz giant celebrates his 70th birthday with guests from across the musical spectrum, including Wayne Shorter, the Allman Brothers Band's Derek Trucks and others.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Chaske Spencer
Character: Sam Uley is the leader and oldest member of the La Push wolf pack. Before becoming a wolf, he was involved with Leah Clearwater.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I like the cabin scene," Spencer says. "We all got together. It was our first day on the shoot. It was good to be back with the gang."

Where is Sam 100 years from now? "He's got his own brood going on; his own little puppies, sitting up on a mountain in a rocking chair … just kicking it."

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Julia Jones
Character: Leah Clearwater, the only female member of the wolf pack.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I think mine was one of the scenes in the big battle toward the end," Jones says. "It was the wolf pack and so many of the other characters and we were kind of sequestered in this location far away from our trailers so we were kind of hanging out. There was a lot of the action element, but combined with this heightened emotion, which was fun. It was like working hard and playing hard."

Where is Leah 100 years from now? "I just think Leah would be tired. I hope she could get some rest. Some peace and quiet."

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Alex Meraz
Character: Paul, a member of the wolf pack who is prone to angry outbursts.

Favorite "Eclipse" scene: "I think one of my favorite scenes is probably the one where Jacob's hurt; his back's broken and Bella comes in with the truck and we're there," Meraz says. "That was really fun because it was the first time we worked with Kristen … I think it was our first scene. It's all a blur to me. It was good to see her and just to see how good she's gotten. There's all these nuances and subtleties in that scene. I was blown away … she's getting better and better every time I see her. It was just fun to witness that."

Where is Paul 100 years from now? "I don't even think Paul will be alive that long. Hmm … I don't know. He'd probably still be up to no good. In bars, fighting around with other guys, phasing just to be cool."

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Xavier Samuel
Character: Riley is tall and muscular with the bright red eyes of a newborn vampire, known to be extraordinarily strong but impulsive and hard to control. Once Riley matures, he helps lead Victoria's army of newborns against Bella and the Cullens.

Favorite scene to film: "I had fun shooting all the scenes, really," Samuel says. "Coming out of the water was kind of cool even though it was freezing and I had to re-shoot it ... I think I was shivering too much to remember how many times."

Where is Riley 100 years from now? "I think Riley would be on a boat with Victoria, feeling the breeze and just having a really, wonderful, lovely time."

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Dakota Fanning
Character: Jane, a member of the ruling Volturi vampire guard who has the ability to create illusions of intense pain.

Favorite scene to film: "I actually enjoyed the scene where the Volturi is floating through the trees," Fanning says. "It was so fun. It was like the only stunt that I got to do."

Where is Jane 100 years from now? "Jane, 100 years from now, is probably still going to be in Italy, still using her power on the next little young girl that comes in. More of the same."

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Penelope Cruz
Last year's Oscar winner for supporting actress for her comedic turn in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," the 35-year-old Spanish superstar picks up her second nod in this category for another broad performance, this time as Carla, the highly emotional mistress of a movie director. A muse of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, Cruz received her first Oscar nomination for lead actress for his 2006 drama "Volver." -- Susan King

Photo credit: The Weinstein Company
Vera Farmiga
As Alex Goran, the sexy executive who romances a corporate downsizer, the 36-year-old Farmiga earns her first Oscar nomination for supporting actress. Critics first took notice of Farmiga in the 2004 independent drama "Down to the Bone." She also starred in the 2006 Oscar-winning best film "The Departed." -- Susan King

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures
Maggie Gyllenhaal
The 32-year-old Gyllenhaal earns her first Oscar nomination for supporting actress for her role as Jean Craddock, a single mother and freelance journalist who falls in love with a boozy country singer. Gyllenhaal, who leans toward small dramas, did appear in the 2008 blockbuster "The Dark Knight." She had until now been overlooked this awards season for her work in the drama. -- Susan King

Photo credit: Fox Searchlight
Anna Kendrick
The 24-year-old Broadway musical performer received her first supporting nomination for her role as a young, tightly wound corporate employee in the Jason Reitman-directed film. Kendrick, who is known as Jessica Stanley to "Twilight" fans, has earned nominations from critics' groups for her complex and funny performance, as well as for the Critics' Choice, Golden Globe and SAG award. -- Susan King

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures
The 42-year-old stand-up comedian, actress and talk-show host is the odds-on favorite to win the supporting actress Oscar for her role as Mary, the abusive, lazy mother of a pregnant teen. Her nomination comes on the heels of receiving an overwhelming majority of critics' awards, including honors from Los Angeles, New York and the National Society of Film Critics. She also received the Critics' Choice, Golden Globe and SAG award. -- Susan King

Photo credit: Lionsgate Films
Matt Damon
The popular star of the "Bourne" thrillers earns his first Academy Award nomination in the supporting actor category as South African rugby star Francois Pienaar. Damon was nominated 12 years ago for lead actor for the drama "Good Will Hunting" and won an original screenplay Oscar with Ben Affleck for that film. -- Susan King

Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Woody Harrelson
The 48-year-old actor came to fame 25 years ago on the classic NBC sitcom "Cheers" as the naively sweet bartender Woody. Since the series left the air in 1993, he's appeared in numerous films, including 1996's "The People vs. Larry Flynt," for which he received a lead actor Oscar nod. In his current war-time drama, Harrelson plays a hard-bitten soldier assigned to combat death notification detail. Harrelson won the National Board of Review award. -- Susan King

Photo credit: Oscilloscope Laboratories
Christopher Plummer
The elder statesman among the nominees this year, the 80-year-old Canadian actor receives his first Oscar nomination for his performance as Russian writer Leo Tolstoy in the period drama. Plummer, who made his film debut in 1958's "Stage Struck," is best known as Capt. Von Trapp in the 1965 best picture winner, "The Sound of Music." -- Susan King

Photo credit: Sony Pictures Classics
Stanley Tucci
The versatile character actor, 49, garners his first Oscar nomination as supporting actor for his role as George Harvey, the murderer of a teenage girl. Tucci has received numerous nominations for his performance in the Peter Jackson-directed thriller, including Critics' Choice, Golden Globe and SAG award. -- Susan King

Photo credit: Paramount-Dreamworks Studios
Christoph Waltz
The 53-year-old Austrian has left the competition in the dust this awards season, winning practically every honor possible for his chillingly delicious performance as the vicious Nazi Col. Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino's World War II epic. Waltz has won the Critics' Choice, Golden Globe and SAG award. Numerous critics' organizations have also named him best supporting actor, including the Los Angeles Film Critics Assn., National Society of Film Critics and New York Film Critics Circle. -- Susan King

Photo credit: The Weinstein Company
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