How the stars divvied up the treasure: Steve Zahn

The producers of "Sahara" wanted to cast Jack Black as Al Giordino, the wisecracking sidekick to Dirk Pitt. But Black passed, producer Karen Baldwin said. "If he had to choose between schlepping around the desert for three months or sitting on his sofa eating popcorn and watching TV, he was going to be sitting on his sofa," she recalled.

So Steve Zahn, 39, accepted $2.2 million plus a $300,000 option and $264,153 in "star perks," including two fitness trainers. Zahn's 10-page contract called for first-class round-trip airfare to Morocco, business airfare for his wife, two children and nanny, and coach tickets for his personal assistant.

While filming overseas, Zahn had to be given a "first-class bump-out trailer with first-class amenities," a private dressing room, an exclusive car and driver and a rental car for his wife and nanny.

Zahn also had a free cellphone, along with rights to purchase wardrobe items at 50% off.

Salary: $2.2 million

Perks: $264,153

Entourage travel: $71,219

Stunt double: $92,701

Stand-in: $33,869

Security: $29,296

Assistant: $19,000

Car and driver: $9,573

Gym/trainer: $5,000

Car rental: $1,585

Cellphone: $1,000

Internet: $910

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