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What's where at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Moving west to east on Selma Avenue between Cahuenga Boulevard and Vine Street, you'll find the following snacks:

Pupusas Delmy, pork and cheese pupusa, $2; cheese, mushroom and zucchini blossom pupusa, $3.

Dave's Gourmet Korean Food, galbee (Korean barbecue), $7; potstickers, $3.

Mis Padres, chicken taco, $2.

West Coast Fish Market, fried calamari, $6.

The place known as Marlene's Jambalaya Stand (it has no official name), "Kuban kombo" grilled chicken, $5; jambalaya, $5; Louisiana gumbo, $6; grilled chicken, $5.

Corn Maiden Tamales, pork carnitas tamale with green chile and Mexican oregano, $2.75.

Aebleskiver and lemonade stand, aebleskiver, $2.

-- Laurie Winer

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