Blood pressure: What you can do for yourself

Studies consistently show that lowering blood pressure significantly lowers the risk of stroke and also, though less dramatically, the risk of heart attacks, heart failure and kidney problems. Drugs may be necessary sometimes, especially when blood pressure is dangerously high, but other things can help. Maybe you need to exercise a little harder and eat a little less (or sleep a little longer and stress a little less). As you read, bear in mind: The evidence for blood pressure-lowering is stronger for some lifestyle measures than others.

-- Articles by Karen Ravn

  • Blood pressure drugs need to match the situation

    Blood pressure drugs need to match the situation

    Various causes can dictate the type of medication. But there is debate about what's best to try first or to combine.

  • Blood pressure trial at USC

    Some high blood pressure patients do all the right things -- make every recommended lifestyle choice, take their drugs completely as prescribed -- and they still can't get their blood pressure down. A trial now underway may offer them new hope. It is testing the Rheos Baroreflex Hypertension Therapy...

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