Aging well, and with attitude

Look good for a longer period of time. Find out what you need to know and what products, attitude and social circle make your wiser years even better.

Ladies, it's never too late to benefit from a little talk therapy

Tips for handling perimenopause, eating disorders, sexual concerns during midlife, alcohol and drug use for middle-aged people and chronic illness.

Men, boomers fuel growth in spa industry

Men and aging boomers are visiting spas to relax, get plasma therapy to extract blood to remove wrinkles, visit saunas for oxygen therapy and get pain relief.

How to prevent age spots

Sunscreen, skin treatments may keep them at bay, clear them up.

Put your stress on vacation

A vacation can go a long way toward counteracting stress. But there are ways to take the most advantage of break time.

How to keep joints healthy longer

Orthopedic surgeon offers tips to maintain mobility without overdoing it.

Sodium countdown

10 steps to reduce daily sodium levels per federal guidelines

What is Qigong?

Sometimes called Chinese yoga, Qigong ("chee gong") is a mind-body practice that melds slow graceful movements, mental focus and deep abdominal breathing to boost and balance a person's vital energy, or "qi".

Taking stress out of mammograms

Provena St. Joseph Medical Center in Jolie is holding mammogram parties with food, games, goody bags, massages, manicures and pedicures in an effort to take the stress out of screenings.