The advantage of reclaiming soil

Re “Why waste rain?,” June 25It is a relief to see almost daily articles in The Times addressing issues related to water.

A few years ago I would have read this informative piece on storm water capture in Los Angeles and thought of the idea as a great solution. However, after learning about the overwhelming superiority of creating healthy soils that not only capture and hold water but also sequester carbon, reduce or eliminate air pollution, produce superior crops with little or no fertilizers or pesticides and mitigate property damage from flooding, I find myself wishing that more of our efforts were directed toward soil reclamation projects.

Hindsight often reveals the wisdom of looking at the big picture. Sadly, this view is often accompanied by a clap on one's forehead and a sense of regret at not having included this big picture when making important decisions.

I look forward to a not-too-distant future in which property owners and communities take pride not in how abundant their foliage is, but how much water is captured on their land.

Jeanne Kuntz

Los Angeles