Stay sandy, save water?

Stay sandy, save water?
Outdoor showers like this one at Dockweiler State Beach -- being used by Ryanh Morales, left, and his brother Dereck as their sister Sophia stands by -- will be turned off at state beaches starting July 15. (Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: So, at the end of a day at the beach we can't rinse off the salt and sand with a brief cold shower. ("Grit and bear it," July 10) We get in the car all yucky and miserable and drive home.

When we get home we take a hot shower, which will probably be longer and use more water and more energy to heat the water. Where's the water savings?

Erik Steinert, Norwalk


To the editor: Seriously? Turning off the outdoor showers at 38 state beaches will save 18 million gallons of water per year? That is absolutely ludicrous.The few showers that actually work are only used for a few hours a day in the warm months.

The person who calculated this figure must be the same person who thinks that I use more than 100 gallons to wash my car.

Let's focus on measures that will make a difference. How much water did those recent ruptured water mains waste?

Mark Karagianis, Porter Ranch