Justice Ginsburg's Connection With NOW

"Ginsburg Has Ties to Activist Group" (March 11) concerns the association of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund. This appears to be nothing more than an association with the group from which she came — much like the association of Justice Thurgood Marshall with the NAACP.

To attempt to equate the legitimate activities of Justice Ginsburg with the very questionable duck hunting trip taken by Vice President Dick Cheney and Justice Antonin Scalia is totally dishonest.

Mike Bodensteiner

San Juan Capistrano *

Perhaps in your next investigation you will discover that Justice Clarence Thomas has ties to conservative groups. That would be a real scoop!

Vesna Marcina

Santa Ana *

Re "Judges as Cheerleaders," editorial, March 12: Someone should inform Justice Scalia that the old saying "justice is blind" does not refer to a duck blind.

Jack Redmond

North Hollywood

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