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The Tastemakers issue: The 28 most influential Angelenos in their fields, plus Eric Idle on Spamalot, Bruin baseball phenom Gerrit Cole, a look inside Richard Shapiro's home and the back story the 81-year-old Tinder Box

The Music issue: Jeff Ayeroff's private stash, L.A.'s indie renaissance, Laurel Canyon live, the M.O. of M.I.A., playlists of the stars—and the magical night the Beatles met Elvis

A wealth of wedding stories, from matchmakers and Mexican assimilations to second chances and prescribed lives. Plus, how Mavis & Jay Leno live happily ever laughter

Va-va-Vegas: Agassi and Graf's love match, Area 51 inside info, Springs Preserve's native wisdom and Albert Watson's pictorial paean

Citrus maximus, long live the Pom queen, the true art of the Hollywood pitch and black ops in—what?!—Burbank

A salute to Oscar: Anne Hathaway's true tales, Ron Howard & Steve Martin's powwow and Elizabeth Taylor's guiding light

Magic Johnson's master plan, opera hunks for the iTunes generation and Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up secrets

Hidden heaven up the coast, Frank Gehry on building dreams, breaking bread with Orson Welles and why kindness always counts

Michelle Obama talks change, the upstart California sea urchin, Kid Rock's Malibu manse and the genius of the Hollywood assistant

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