Letters to the Editor

What a lovely wedding issue. I adored the cover shot of the bridal bouquet falling from heaven. I, too, had to ask my husband if he had any intention of marrying me, and he said, “Let me think about it for a day or two.” It would have been nicer over a quiet dinner—or anything else romantic—but it is what it was and is. And we have been married for 30 years.
Inge Gatz, Santa Barbara

Reading LA is an absolute delight every month, but especially this past issue with a feminist couple I so respect—Mavis and Jay Leno. Sue Smalley’s Q&A shows that their love is palpable and lets you appreciate their passion for each other and for their day jobs. Continue the great work!
Brenda Feigen, West Los Angeles

You do it every time, don’t you? You put together an unexpected mix of stories. When I saw it was a wedding issue, I expected advice and almost didn’t open it. The piece on philanthropists Broad and Bohnett gives me hope that people with so much money really do give it away in ways that make a difference. Your wedding stories were both interesting and fun. The Leno piece was riveting. In all the years I’ve been watching Jay, I never knew about him personally. Now I admire him even more.
Debra Foreman, Santa Monica

I was so pleased to see a gay family among the myriad of scenarios in the wedding “album.” Hopefully, some of your readers realized anew never to judge a book by its cover. The two men don’t embody the stereotypical “gay couple,” but they love each other, adore their two daughters, are bolstered by their community and are completely committed to each other. If that isn’t the definition of marriage, I don’t know what is.
Barbara DeLucia, Sherman Oaks

How touching. Two men kiss passionately, and it’s not surprising because they have young children at home. And they are married. Are you guys kidding me? The people of the state of California have spoken and same-sex marriage is not acceptable. I don’t think you should celebrate it.
Joan Flamm, Reseda

Thank you for a fantastic May issue, especially the uplifting interview with Mavis and Jay Leno—what a great love story! I also enjoyed the “Good Sport” column about Jerry Buss and his family. It reminded me that Laker fans everywhere should be grateful to Dr. Buss for building an incredibly successful sports franchise. And Josh Radnor’s “My Best Story” was a spicy, thought-provoking closing to your wedding-themed issue, which I savored leisurely.
Howard Matsukane, Irvine

Regarding your May editor’s letter, long blond hair once is okay. Twice is questionable. But three times? That’s just over the top.
James Hansen, Hermosa Beach

What a great piece about Jerry Buss and his six kids. In spite of the Laker mania sweeping the city, it’s worth the time to think about what will happen after the man who single-handedly built the team into what it is today is no longer with us. It is to his credit that he has thought about the same thing. What a mensch—he wants to take care of his family and he wants to take care of Laker fans. One thing: I had no idea this article was in the magazine! Maybe it needed a push on the cover?
Jack Samuels, Manhattan Beach

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