Letters to the Editor

After reading Annie Gilbar’s editor’s letter, I want to thank you for your “positive emotional contagion” (a quote from Daniel Goleman’s Social Intelligence). You are right about the universal fear cloud and the fact that we need to take time to enjoy the good things in order to gather strength to get back on track!
Stephanie M. Senter, Los Angeles

Loved the April issue—the portfolio of Albert Watson, the story on Thomas and Mack starting Vegas financing, the water-problem piece we can all relate to, the Mortons’ modern house and the piece on Leonard Bernstein. It was all so well written.
Ronald Bower, Long Beach

This past issue was fascinating because there was so much that surprised. Karen Mack’s story about early Las Vegas was terrific. I have read a lot about Andre Agassi and his wife but never anything as revealing as this. And the house owned by the Mortons is architecturally beautiful but also kind of homey. You have a wow magazine—every time I find new things to savor.
Sandra Lakey, Costa Mesa

If you were after the shock factor in the Albert Watson story, “Vegas Mon Amour,” you succeeded. We don’t need to see a prostitute-type woman with her naked butt, thong underwear, plastic laced top and high heels. This economy is hurting enough. Stop contributing to the scum.
Diana Moritz, Rancho Santa Margarita

Editor’s Response: We admire all art forms, and “Breaunna” has more clothes on than you might see on local beaches. Albert Watson is a master lensman, as incisive in his photos as any Avedon, Mapplethorpe or Ritts. This was just one in Watson’s Vegas retrospective, and we honor his vision.

What Pat Mulroy did for water conservation in Vegas is not unlike what Steve Wynn did for the mega-hotel concept. Through her efforts and hard work, water consumption will be reduced by 20 billion gallons via dry landscaping. I imagine typical thoughts of the millions of annual visitors to Vegas might not include whether there’s ample water for pools, a strong flow for showers and enough water for ice cubes to keep their drinks cool. And now, thanks to Pat and her people, those thoughts will likely continue to remain hidden.
Bill Spitalnick, Newport Beach

Regarding Annie Jacobsen’s “Road to Area 51,” while I am not a UFO-ologist, I believe the government continues to mislead us on activities at Area 51—but for good reasons regarding the security of test projects. Even though there are aspects of their programs that could probably stand to see the light of day, when a journalist blithely proclaims that the nuttier stories have a little foundation in truth, it makes reporting on the subject much more difficult for those who follow her.
Greg Seery, Winnetka

Writer’s Response: I point out by example that many rumors that have sprung up in popular culture about Area 51 have more than a little basis in truth.

Nowadays, cocktail hours are replete with every “ini” drink you can think of, and Lora Zarubin’s article “Main Squeeze” made my mouth water for her nostalgic cocktail, the Negroni. I laminated the recipe! Interestingly, I had always asked for a splash of OJ to take the edge off this devilish first cousin to the martini, but the addition of Page tangerine juice is just what the bartender ordered.
Christine Lark, Los Angeles

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