• The Times is published at two strategically located production facilities in Southern California: the Olympic plant in Los Angeles, the Orange County plant in Costa Mesa, and Irwindale. • With 11 presses in the downtown Los Angeles and Costa Mesa plants coupled with the production facilities in Irwindale, The Times has one of the largest investments in newspaper production facilities in the country. • In 1999, the presses at the downtown Los Angeles and Costa Mesa facilities were retrofitted to accommodate narrower, 50-inch-wide newsprint. This change reduced the amount of newsprint The Times uses without sacrificing publication quality or content. • The Times' state-of-the-art integrated news-editing and pagination system, which became operational in 2002, revolutionized the paper's daily operations. The system receives, processes and integrates text, art and photographs from Times editorial staff around the world as well as from freelancers and wire services. It also transmits full pages to Times' printing plants, files stories to The Times' archives and website, and handles advertisements and other data from advertising operations. • The Times has used front-page color in its Main News section regularly since 1989. It launched its first serious attempt at using color in its editorial pages in late 1980.

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