What Sarah Palin means for women and politics

All week, Reason magazine associate editor Katherine Mangu-Ward debates feminism and politics in the Palin era with blogger and author Amanda Marcotte.

  • Is Palin's parental prowess fair game?

    Katherine Mangu-Ward says male politicians enjoy far more latitude in hyping their parental skills than men. Amanda Marcotte says Sarah Palin's right-wing political views invite scrutiny of her home l

  • First lady -- a glorified housewife?

    Amanda Marcotte says the McCain campaign shelters Palin as if she were a would-be first lady. Katherine Mangu-Ward says both Cindy McCain and Palin deserve credit for carefully crafting their public p

  • Who made gender an issue?

    Katherine Mangu-Ward says media and voters are easily swayed by superficialities. Amanda Marcotte says Palin's candidacy feeds the media's obsession with gender.

  • Where are the pro-Palin feminists?

    Amanda Marcotte says it's impossible to be both socially conservative and feminist. Katherine Mangu-Ward offers herself as an example of a feminist who supports McCain's running mate.

  • Was Gloria Steinem right about Sarah Palin?

    Katherine Mangu-Ward says female anatomy has no bearing on her support for Sarah Palin. Amanda Marcotte says a McCain-Palin administration would harm women.