The rise of Russia

How closely does Vladimir Putin's Russia resemble the Soviet Union? Should the world prepare for an era of expanding Russia hegemony? All week, Reason magazine's Michael C. Moynihan debates post-Cold War Russia with Andrew Meier, an author and former Moscow correspondent for Time magazine.

  • Is the Soviet Union back?

    Andrew Meier says that the Putin government's abuses resemble those of the U.S.S.R. Michael C. Moynihan finds echoes of the former empire, but says today's Russia doesn't pose the same level of threat

  • What's NATO worth?

    Michael C. Moynihan says nations seek NATO membership out of fears over Russian aggression. Andrew Meier says the alliance is dysfunctional and has little use.

  • Can the civilized world civilize Russia?

    Andrew Meier says bringing Russia onto the world stage could tame Putin's worst instincts. Michael C. Moynihan expresses skepticism that WTO membership would affect Moscow's behavior.

  • Is NATO reaching too far east?

    Michael C. Moynihan says former Soviet republics are justifiably seeking protection against Russian aggression. Andrew Meier points to the conspicuous trend of leaders with deep personal ties to the U.S.

  • What does Putin want?

    Andrew Meier says Vladimir Putin's ultimate desire is to join the 'civilized world.' Michael C. Moynihan says cozying up to the West no longer seems Russia's biggest goal.

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