America on drugs

Are the country's drug laws too harsh? If they were relaxed, would drug-related violence decline or surge? All week, Reason magazine's Jacob Sullum debates U.S. drug policy with former federal prosecutor and Pentagon attorney Charles "Cully" Stimson, now a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Their first exchange will appear Monday.

  • Drug policy, from scratch

    What would the ideal U.S. drug policy be? What would you keep and reject from current laws?

  • Blood weed

    Would softening drug laws alleviate or worsen drug violence in the U.S. and Mexico? Charles "Cully" Stimson and Jacob Sullum debate.

  • 'Gateway' to Washington

    The last two presidents and two of the current candidates have either used illegal substances or have had substance abuse problems. Does this show that winners don’t always refuse to use drugs? Jacob Sullum and Charles “Cully” Stimson debate.

  • Raiding states' rights?

    Do federal raids of legal local marijuana dispensaries violate state sovereignty? Charles 'Cully' Stimson and Jacob Sullum debate.

  • America on drugs

    America on drugs

    What's the difference between drug legalization and decriminalization? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? All week, Reason magazine's Jacob Sullum and attorney Charles 'Cully' Stimson

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