Finally, the drawn-out battle for the Democratic presidential nomination has ended — and the drawn-out battle for the White House can begin. Are John McCain and Barack Obama right for their respective parties? What will be the tone of the upcoming race? Is it time to say good-bye to the Clintons and the Bushes? All week, Megan McArdle of The Atlantic discusses the McCain-Obama horserace with The American Prospect's Ezra Klein.

  • Willie Horton or Lincoln-Douglas?

    Ezra Klein says the tone of the campaign depends on how effectively Obama can counteract false rumors. Megan McArdle says although the campaign promises to be a lively battle of ideas, neither side is immune to smear attacks.

  • Is McCain too old? Is Obama too young?

    Megan McArdle says John McCain's biggest problem isn't age or health, but the fact that he's a Republican. Ezra Klein says McCain’s ideas are out of step with the electorate and Obama faces serious misconceptions about his identity.

  • The Obama-McCain veepstakes

    Ezra Klein likes Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for Obama and Sen. Joe Lieberman for McCain. Megan McArdle says Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal would help McCain’s chances, but Republicans would be wise to save his star power for a future White House run.

  • The end of the Clinton-Bush era?

    Megan McArdle says the Democrats have moved on from the Clintons, and few Republicans will want to build their futures on the Bush legacy. Ezra Klein says the Clintons’ influence on Democratic leaders was overestimated, and President Bush deserves his record disapproval ratings.

  • Handicapping Obama-McCain

    Ezra Klein says Barack Obama and John McCain represent the best of their parties despite their weaknesses. Megan McArdle predicts a campaign season similar to previous ones, with Democrats urging more spending and Republicans calling for low taxes.

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