Food scares, scarcity and regulation

Is the scare over salmonella-tainted tomatoes a sign of a real problem, or something we should expect to happen more often in the future? What should be the FDA's role in preventing such outbreaks? And what kind of food should the feds ban? Freelance writer and food blogger Jacob Grier debates food policy with Paul Roberts, author of "The End of Food."

  • Banned foods and misinformed consumers

    Paul Roberts says education is the key to improving public health. Jacob Grier says you don't need to ban anything to enjoy a better diet.

  • Is eating locally a crock?

    Jacob Grier says the benefits of local eating aren't all clear, but people should enjoy the products of their own land. Paul Roberts says beware the localavores.

  • Is famine coming?

    Paul Roberts says the global food shortage is already here. Jacob Grier argues that the crisis demands freer trade.

  • Is the FDA A-OK or MIA?

    Jacob Grier says the Food and Drug Administration needs to do less. Paul Roberts argues that the market may be beyond regulation anyway.

  • Are rotten tomatoes the future?

    Paul Roberts says proposed regulations will not solve problems in today's high-speed food distribution system. Jacob Grier says you shouldnÂ’t let food scares ruin your appetite.

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