Conservatism's heart and soul

George W. Bush's two terms have done almost as much to confound conservatives over their ideology as they have to empower them. With the president's final months in office approaching, and Republicans about to nominate an even more divisive figure on the right, the Weekly Standard's Matthew Continetti and the American Spectator's W. James Antle III debate how the following issues have affected and will impact the conservative movement: foreign interventionism, Bush's massive deficit spending, the religious right and more.

  • God’s party?

    Where do religious conservatives fit into the movement right now? Can conservatives make the case for freedom without invoking Natural Law arguments? W. James Antle III and Matthew Continetti conclude their debate.

  • Not your dad’s Republicans

    John McCain and Arnold Schwarzenegger: Are they statists in statist clothing, or examples of a more evolved species of conservative? Is there ever a conservative place for state-sponsored social engineering — be it an insurance mandate or a mortgage-payment tax deduction? Matthew Continetti and...

  • Whose liberty?

    Do conservatives believe in citizens' freedom from government snoops and bluenoses, or only in corporations' freedom from regulation? W. James Antle III and Matthew Continetti continue their debate.

  • Choosing wars

    Is interventionism an organic plank of conservatism, or is it the cancer that's destroying it? Matthew Continetti and W. James Antle III continue their debate.

  • Big spender Bush

    Is there anything conservative left in an administration that gave us Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, the farm bill and massive new domestic spending? W. James Antle III and Matthew Continetti debate.

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