Digital Internships/Jobs at

The Los Angeles Times digital newsroom occasionally seeks entry-level editors, web producers or interns interested in a rigorous experience in digital web production, editing and other emerging fields.

Positions may specialize or combine activity in our data, social media, video or real-time desks. Please understand that we may not be able to reply to all applications. Two common internships are described below:

Digital editor/Web producer - Manage, curate, display and promote Times journalism; choose, crop and add photos and other related items to our content; and recombine and package the Times' high quality work in innovative ways. The newsroom environment is fast-paced and requires the ability to exchange ideas with reporters, editors and other staffers.

We seek candidates who have worked on digital content management platforms and want to learn new ones, and have related experience writing headlines and descriptions in new formats with high journalistic standards quickly and accurately. Experience with social media, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, and deadline production is generally required. Knowledge of SEO, CSS, Java, Django, or other interfaces and software is a plus.

Data journalist - Combine many skills above with programming skills and journalism to provide interactive experiences that give our audiences the data and facts behind the stories we tell. Work with our team of reporters, data analysts and front-end developers at the Data Desk and Graphics departments to use and create new story forms. Multi-dimensional maps, interactive forms, lists and searchable databases are among possible projects. Candidates should have database journalism experience and more specialized abilities and/or interests in working in Phython, Django, Ruby or other Web frameworks to present data of journalistic interest in Web applications, data visualizations and searchable databases. Some programming and HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge is essential. Skills in scraping and familiarity with cross-platform scripts would be useful as well.

The work may be primarily in one section of the newsroom or could involve several. Schedules vary and flexibility on shifts and hours is expected in this business. Part-time positions are also possible.

Please send a letter and resume to A simple Word document or PDF is acceptable. And please provide links to your best work.

Please understand that we may not be able to reply to all applications or we may respond as positions become available.