Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts returns to team after his father's passing

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts returned to Camelback Ranch on Sunday morning two days after leaving the team following the death of his father, Waymon.

“It’s been a tough couple days,” Roberts said. “But to get back to baseball, and something that I love, I know this is what he’d want. My mom was good with it. It’s definitely good to be back here.”

Bench coach Bob Geren had managed the team in Roberts’ absence. Roberts kept in touch with team officials during his time away. He plans to attend a service for his father on Thursday in Oceanside.

Waymon Roberts spent three decades in the Marines. He met his wife, Eiko, in Okinawa, where Dave was born in 1972. The family settled in San Diego in 1984, and lived there while Roberts played 10 years in the majors before ascending to his current perch as the first African American manager in Dodgers history.

“He did the best he could, he and my mom, for my sister and I,” Roberts said. “I think he has a legacy, in me and my sister and his grandkids. He served his country for 30 years. I have some big shoes to fill.

“It was tough. But my players, the coaches, and fan support, it was amazing. It was amazing just to know how much you’re loved.”

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