Carolanne Lowe and Matt Rohrs

Carolanne Lowe and Matt Rohrs
Carolanne Lowe and Matt Rohr (

Matt Rohrs said that he couldn't take his eyes off her, remembering the moment he first saw Carolanne Lowe at a party in May 2008. For her, too, "it felt like love at first sight," she said. And then it went absolutely nowhere.

She not only had a boyfriend, she was also flying to China for a vacation, while Rohrs, a freelance video and film editor, had to spend most of the summer working abroad.

But when he came back to L.A., he headed straight from the airport to the coffee shop where Lowe then worked. That night her boyfriend became her ex, and she and Rohrs have been together ever since.
Two years later, Lowe, a teacher at Yummy Yoga in Los Feliz, received a tropical bouquet from an anonymous admirer. Rohrs was seething with jealousy as she unwrapped the flowers and found a small box tucked into the leaves.

That's when Lowe realized Rohrs could act as well as edit. He took the box, proposed and gave her the ring inside, which was made from gems that had belonged to her mother, who died when Lowe was 19.

Rohrs, 34, and Lowe, 31, were wed on Sept. 17 on Catalina Island, with 110 guests attending the outdoor ceremony at the Catalina Country Club and reception at the Descanso Beach Club.

Before the ceremony, Lowe said she was filled with a warm feeling of calm as she contemplated her mother's wedding portrait. "I had a beautiful moment with my mom," she said.  

—Maxine Nunes
Custom Publishing Writer