The Right Side of Asia

The Right Side of Asia
The Yonaguni Monument is a massive underwater rock formation popular with divers.

There’s no other destination on the planet quite like the islands off the coast of eastern Asia — where a vast natural landscape and pristine marine life offer ideal year-round outdoor activities like hiking, biking and diving. Taiwan and Japan’s majestic Okinawa islands are two places gaining popularity among world travelers.


Conveniently located off the China coast, Taiwan has long played host to global business travelers and has been rediscovered by savvy active and leisure vacationers.

Known as Ilha Formosa, or "the beautiful island," Taiwan is referred to as "the heart of Asia," set on the western end of the Pacific "Rim of Fire." Its towering mountain ranges, volcanic landscapes and rich coastal ecologies are packed with the kind of natural beauty that make it a premier Asian destination.

National Scenic Areas
Thirteen National Scenic Areas and eight national parks are at the heart of Taiwan’s charming beauty. Here you’ll find everything from deep-blue lagoons that are home to some of the rarest species of fish to sustainable forests that foster a thriving animal population and an active recreational environment.

Lush landscapes can be found along the Central Mountains of Taiwan, making these towering peaks top ecological attractions.   

Food & Culture
Tradition is at the heartof Taiwanese culture.  Most notably are its lantern lighting events. The Taiwan Lantern Festival, celebrated during little New Year, is a series of festivals that culminates in the release of  thousands of lanterns into the sky. This year, the event takes place in the Hsinchu Station District of Zhubei, from Feb. 24 to Mar. 10. 

While Chinese food can be enjoyed in all parts of the world, true gourmet Chinese cuisine can be experienced in Taiwan. All of China’s regional culinary styles are served here: Taiwanese, Cantonese, Hakka, Sichuan Beijing, Jiangzhe and Hunan.


The 160 islands that make up the Okinawa Prefecture offer an abundance of activities for visitors looking to experience the magnificent forest homes of many rare animals or dive crystal-clear deep-blue seas and stunning coral reefs. 

Deep Forest
A virtually untouched natural habitat, Okinawa’s forests — most evident in the north — contain some of the rarest species of plants, animals and insects in the world. Here, subtropical rain forests also exist and play an important role in the watershed ecosystem. 

Clear Blue Waters 
Okinawa is surrounded by a seemingly endless blue ocean, home to one of the largest colonies of coral reef in the world — offering plenty of world-class diving spots. White-sand beaches in many parts of the islands can be enjoyed by boat or kayak, along with some of the best tuna, marlin and dorado fishing anywhere.  


“Why travel to Thailand?” The question does not need an
elaborate answer. Thailand has something for everyone. The kingdom is situated in the heart of Southeast Asia and is adorned with elaborate temples dating back centuries with its historical culture, breathtakingly green landscapes and sun-drenched beaches. Dotted with amazing resorts, the country is an amazing value and is why we call it “Amazing Thailand.” Come and explore what is waiting for you.

Paul Gately
Custom Publishing Writer