Destination: Asia

  • A fetish for New Mexico

    VISITORS to Santa Fe, N.M., can spirit home a bit of Indian tradition in the palms of their hands.

  • A bridge to Japan's past

    A few hundred miles -- and a few hundred years in ambience -- from the churning megalopolis of Tokyo, the city of Takayama reminds visitors of a gentler time.

  • The poetic soul of Tohoku

    Matsuo Basho, Japan's most respected haiku poet, embarked on a pilgrimage to Tohoku in the spring of 1689, much to the amazement of his 17-syllable-spinning contemporaries. Five months and some serious blisters later, he felt suitably moved to write "The Narrow Road to the Deep North," a...

  • Off the bus, into the countryside

    MANY people who see China do so from a tour bus. But adventurous travelers may find bonuses by leaving the beaten path.

  • A return to wartime Philippines

    The writer's mother and other former prisoners confront memories as they visit World War II sites.