At lakeside in New York, drinking it in

AS soon as I saw the porch and rocking chairs on the Travel cover, I recognized Mohonk Mountain House in New York ["Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy the Nostalgia" July 31]. Kudos to Susan Spano for sharing it with Southlanders.

I urge your readers to visit http://www.mohonk.comto see much more of the absolutely spectacular scenery, lake and summerhouses (gazebos). These are cozy, dry places at the lake's edge during summer storms, as well as fine spots for a respite with a view.

I was there for the theme week of "Music." There were two concerts daily, with some dancing at night. One brass ensemble's music wafted from a tower out across the lake. Generations return to relive and create memories of this breathtaking place.




AS a graduate of the State University of New York at New Paltz and a frequent visitor to Mohonk Mountain House during my college years, I can attest to its incredible beauty. I'll never forget ice-skating on the lake at 11 at night in the dead of winter when the temperature was a balmy 5 degrees. I was fortunate to gaze at Mohonk in the distance outside my apartment window for two wonderful years.

I urge anyone who visits New York state to take in Mohonk and its astounding vistas.


Agoura Hills

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