Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and England

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were American patriots, co-framers of the Declaration of Independence, our second and third presidents. Sometimes friends, sometimes rivals, they lived in tandem through our nation's difficult birth: Jefferson, the sophisticated Virginia planter, Adams, the Massachusetts yeoman farmer. What is less well-known is that they once went tooting around the English countryside together in a hired coach. David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-winning Adams biography, the basis for last year's HBO "John Adams" miniseries, briefly mentions their trip. But the passage captured my imagination, and I recently decided to follow their route. As it turns out, the itinerary they devised offers as fine an introduction to England as any offered by modern tour companies. -- Susan Spano Read more: Adams, Jefferson hit the road in England Upper photo: Blenheim Palace near Woodstock, England Lower left photo: Thomas Jefferson. Credit: Engraving by H.B. Hall. Lower right photo: John Adams. Credit: International Portrait Gallery.
Susan Spano
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